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Mazzy and Harlow have two new baby friends— their one month-old cousin Neve (second child of my sister) and Baby Arami (five month-old first child to their longtime nanny Ruth).


Since Neve is brand new, the girls haven’t held her yet but they talk about their baby cousin all the time.

“That’s my favorite baby!” Harlow said when I showed her a photo of Neve my sister texted the other day.

“What about Arami?” Mazzy asked.

“That’s my other favorite baby!” Harlow responded.

Neve and Arami both showed up at Harlow’s 3rd birthday party last week (still have to post about that!) and it was fun seeing the girls get excited about their favorite babies being all in one place.

Neve spent the majority of the time nuzzled against Ya-ya’s shoulder. (We call my sister Dr. B around here, but just so you guys know, Mazzy and Harlow have always called her Ya-ya.)

Arami is a few months older and the girls had quite a bit of fun taking turns with her sitting on their laps.

Understandably, Arami was not so sure how she felt about being passed around like a football.

The big joke was that Arami is already almost bigger than Harlow.

I love having two new baby girls in our lives, because now I have two good homes to hand down all of Mazzy and Harlow’s old stuff.

Neve’s big brother Jack sleeps in Mazzy’s old toddler bed and Arami sleeps in Mazzy and Harlow’s old crib. We’ve been storing a lot of Mazzy and Harlow’s old clothes at my mom’s house and she’ll bring bags over to my sister, so I’m always surprised by what Neve is wearing when I go over there.

I recognize those pajamas!

Oh, my god, that pink sweater! Mazzy wore that thing almost every day!

It makes it a lot easier to get rid of Harlow’s things when I know they are going to a place I might see them again. Sometimes, Mazzy and Harlow recognize their things too.

“That’s my dress!” Mazzy cried when she saw a recent picture of Neve dressed up for a wedding.


“Yes, Mazzy. You wore that when you were nine days old— it doesn’t fit anymore!”

Neve and Arami have also been the lucky recipients of some baby goodies from Apple Park who sent them each a care package filled with adorable blankies, swaddles, booties, rattles, onesies and plush toys.


Apple Park has been one of my favorite baby brands ever since they sent Mazzy and Harlow a care package when we bought our home out east. They also have given Mazzy and Harlow the adorable backpacks they’ve been toting around for years. Harlow’s favorite bunny pajamas are Apple Park too.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.18.41 AM

Apple Park believes every baby deserves to be surrounded by the finest organic products which aren’t just soft and cuddly, but safe and good for the environment too. 

Here’s Arami with a Belle the Cow plush, a matching rattle, a farm girl onesie and a pink polka dot blankie.


Isn’t she adorable?

Apple Park’s polyester-free designs revolve around animal friends like the Picnic Pals, the Farm Buddies and the Playground Pals which have become familiar characters in our home, thanks to both the plush toys and the accompanying books. Harlow sleeps with her ballerina mouse every night and Mazzy is a big fan of her Picnic Pal bunny.

We actually gave Jack (Neve’s older brother) the Boxer Dog plush over the summer and Ya-ya tells me it is now Jack’s favorite thing to sleep with at night.

That’s the great thing about giving Apple Park as a baby shower gift— you have a very good chance of gifting something that will become that new baby’s closest companion.

I went over Ya-ya’s house to get a few photos of Neve and it was so hard to get a photo because her brother Jack kept leaning down to kiss her.

How classic is this?


Here’s Neve with a Penny the Pig plush, a matching rattle, the farm girl grey striped onesie and matching blanket.


And here she is with the organic patterned blankie.


Which one will Neve ultimately choose as her favorite? The owl? Penny the Pig? Maybe both?

Time will tell. Lord knows when your baby picks a favorite lovie, there is no turning back.

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