Summer House Before

Remember when The Land of Nod redecorated Mazzy and Harlow’s shared room in the city and you were all amazed by their small space solutions but also with the incredible room transformation?

Well. The Land of Nod is back, but this time they are redecorating Mazzy and Harlow’s room in our weekend house! FYI, The Land of Nod Design Services are absolutely free so anyone can use them, even if they just want to make a few minor upgrades as opposed to redoing a whole room.

Ask for Kim. I’ve used her twice and she’s AWESOME.

First, a little bit about the room. It’s small. Probably a little smaller than their room in the city, but we don’t need it to be quite as functional since we don’t have as many toys, books or clothes at the house. Also, there is no need for desks.

Summer House Before

The great thing about the room is that it was a blank slate. A white rectangle with newly stained white wood floors. We hadn’t decorated in there at all.

Summer House Before

We were using Harlow’s old toddler bed and Mazzy was sleeping on a mattress with a box spring. There was a dresser we purchased at a garage sale and their old bookcase from their room in the city.

Summer House Before

Bedding-wise, they’ve been sleeping with those soft character blankets all Grandmas buy from Costco. Mazzy had a Frozen blanket and Harlow had a Doc McStuffins blanket.

Summer House Before

Not exactly the kind of room Elle Decor was coming to photograph any time soon.

Well, that is, before Kim had her way with it!

Once again, I gave Kim pretty much free reign to pick what she wanted. The only thing I told her was that I had always envisioned their beds in an “L” formation so that you could make them up to look like a corner couch during the day. I also told her I liked the bohemian look of one of the Land of Nod bedding sets but I wasn’t sure how Mazzy and Harlow would react to the lack of pink. Then she went from there.

Here’s the mood board she put together:


And the floor plan:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.05.25 PM

She also suggested I create a gallery wall over Harlow’s bed. She said it would look something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.06.13 PM

She put together a shared Pinterest board with all her furniture and artwork suggestions. You can follow the board here.

I went with pretty much everything she suggested except we went back and forth on different rug options a bit. I finally decided on the gold bar rug below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.56.33 PM

Then Kim put together a document for the handyman (aka Mike) to follow for how to hang everything and what to paint.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the big reveal!



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This post was sponsored by The Land of Nod, but all lack of decorating is my own.