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In one week, Harlow will be starting full-time preschool. As I’ve mentioned before, I am super nervous about this. Is she going to miss me? Will she feel comfortable around her teachers? Will she make friends? Will she like it there or will it be a struggle to drop her off each day?

I’ve dealt with a bunch of tough transitions (switching from a bottle to a cup, taking away the pacifier, replacing a blankie, etc.) and what I’ve often found is sometimes parents get more emotional about these things than the kids. 

For instance, Mazzy was totally fine when I dropped her off at kindergarten last year, while I left trying to fight back tears. 

This back-to-school season, I partnered with Puffs tissues to make a video about preparing your kids for school, since sniffles (from tears or germs) are definitely one of the things your kids will pick up in preschool. But rather than give you straight and informative tips (which I’m sure you can just google or ask Pinterest), I decided to acknowledge my own emotions about sending Harlow off and talk about how Puffs helped me let go.

With a healthy dose of fun and hyperbole, of course.

Thanks to Puffs for giving me the opportunity to create this video. It was so much fun to make. And thanks to Harlow for totally pulling off her role with flying colors! Although, she listened so attentively to everything I was saying on the shoot day, I’m worried she’ll be pissed if there is no hamster in her class!

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