GIVEAWAY: KITCHENSURFING personal chef experience, Dinner for four

How much would you pay someone to come to your house to cook dinner on a random night of the week?

Okay, let’s say this person was a professional chef, did all the grocery shopping, brought all their own kitchen supplies (including pots and pans), cooked the meal, served the table, cleaned up and was in and out of your house in under a half hour?

Forget what you would pay— what would you guess a service like this costs?

A few weekends ago, Mike and I had plans with another couple, Emily and Matt. The plan was to go out to dinner, but their babysitter fell through the day before. I was planning on testing out a new same-day, weeknight dinner service called Kitchensurfing, so rather than canceling, I suggested we have a Kitchensurfing chef come over to cook at their place. That way, the kids could play and we could still hang out drinking wine in the living room while someone else had the burden of cooking.



They agreed and we exchanged funny text messages about our personal chef and what was on the menu.

“What time do you guys want to come over?”

“I’m not sure. Let me check with the chef.”

That kind of thing.

Emily kept asking what she needed to prepare for the night.

“I don’t think anything.”

“Are you sure?”

“I think the chef brings everything himself.”

“What about staples and spices? Does he need any specific cookware or supplies?”

“I think he brings that too.”

“Are you sure?”

“I guess we will see…”

We all acted like this event was super fancy and privileged and made us sound like spoiled Manhattanites who could afford to have a personal chef in our home for no real occasion except a canceled babysitter and the desire to hang out outside of the kitchen.

“This is how the Rockefellers do it!”

“And the Van der Plumps!”

Since I was reviewing Kitchensurfing for my blog, I wasn’t paying for it and I did not check the price. I just counted myself lucky that I get to have experiences like this for free.

Chef Chris arrived at the door with a big smile on his face and a huge backpack full of all the supplies.


As the kids ran around the apartment (they had eaten earlier although we could have included them), Mike, Matt, Emily and I drank wine in the living room. Sometimes we wandered into the kitchen to take pictures, ask questions and see what exactly was going on.



Chef Chris chopped, fried, tossed and happily answered any questions about Kitchensurfing and his experiences. He told us about some of the smaller kitchens he’s cooked in, some of the weirder situations he’s been in and said he loves getting a little glimpse into different people’s lives in Manhattan. When you get to the door, you never really know what you will find, but said everyone always seems happy about the end result.


When we sat down for our meal (served family style), less than a half hour after Chris arrived (as the website promised), we could have eaten anything and been satisfied with the service. But instead, we were greeted with three dishes, one more delicious than the next.


The Cuban-style skirt steak was marinated with chile and spices, seared until caramelized and served with a sour orange mojo sauce.


On the side, we had roasted corn with Parmesan, mayonnaise and cayenne pepper and a watercress salad with pineapple and avocado. 



Emily and Mike are both cooks and therefore harsh critics and they were both shocked that they had nothing to complain about. Everything was hot, the dishes were creative and restaurant quality or better.



There was plenty to eat and nobody skimped on the avocado in the corn salad which is the thing I would definitely complain about in a restaurant.

“How much does this cost?” Matt wondered aloud.


“I have no idea. I got it for free.”

We all guessed that something involving this level of personal service, plus the food and labor would probably go for about $100 a person, meaning that number wouldn’t surprise us but wouldn’t be within our means on a normal night.

Chef Chris overheard us and came into the dining room to inform us that the service was $25 per person.

“It’s $25 per person?”

“Seriously? That’s less than it would cost to go out!”

“That’s less than it would cost to order in!”

“Plus, you don’t have to pay for a sitter.”

We all agreed that we would TOTALLY do this again.


In fact, the next day, I got a text from Matt and Emily. “We signed up for Kitchensurfing.”

There is no greater testament than that.


Today, I am giving away one same-day dinner (available on weeknights only) for four to one lucky reader!

While Kitchensurfing is available in several cities (check out their website to see if it’s available in yours), their same-day dinner service is currently only available in Manhattan below 116th Street, so you must live here to enter. Just leave a comment below for the chance to win! One winner will be announced on Monday, August 10th — good luck!



And the winner is…

Lauren… Congrats! Please email to claim your prize.


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This post was sponsored by Kitchensurfing, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.