Isn’t it awesome when you can (or Santa) can make your kid’s dreams come true, even when your kid’s dreams are super strange? Like, all Harlow wanted for Christmas was a “huge squishie doughnut” and boy did Santa deliver. I asked everyone to tell me the weirdest presents their kids requested from Santa, and whether or not Santa came through.

All of the remarkably average parents below made their kids’ wishes happen! Way to go, Santa.

25 Kids Who Requested Weird Gifts for Christmas… that Santa Delivered!

“My 4yo grandson loves puzzles. He asked for a puzzle of his daddy sitting on the toilet. My daughter had one made. Of course, he had the lid down. He’s sitting on it reading a magazine. It was 70 pieces and he did it in 15 minutes. Best gift ever.” – Sherator

“My 3 year old wanted a Paw Patrol piñata filled with fruit snacks that he didn’t have to share! You know, the traditional Hanukkah gift!” – Mellie

“My almost 8 year old asked Santa for soda since we don’t let her drink it. There were 6 (small) soda bottles unlabeled under the tree and she was so excited saying, ‘those are for me!” – Katt

“My 4 year old wanted one of those extended reach grabber things. My mom uses them to help her reach things from her wheelchair and he loves them. He was so excited to open it on Christmas morning. He kept saying ‘my very own! I love it!” – Heather

“My son asked Santa for a dead squirrel. There was a dead squirrel at the park one day and he wanted to bring it home. I told him no, but maybe we could find a toy one. He wanted to make sure it would be a DEAD squirrel toy. Santa managed to find a dog toy squirrel that was flat so it was DEAD. He loved it.” – Michelle

“My daughter loves Saltine crackers. When she was 6, she asked for and received them. It has now become a recurring birthday and Christmas present for her. She’s now 9, but every time she opens a box of Saltines, she is elated!” – Mamak

“My 5 year old asked Santa for a tornado. I found a hand help tornado in a jar on Amazon; one that you twirl and make a tornado out of water. He has played with it non stop and even sleeps with it.” – Mika

“One year, my son wanted 200 marbles. That was it. He got them!” – Heather

“My son (he was 2 at the time) had a blast playing with a lazy Susan. He would put his toy cars on it and spin. So that year for Christmas my dad bought him one. It was a huge solid wood one, beautifully stained. We laugh about it all the time but we still have it 7 years later.” – Becky

“My 7 year old kept asking Santa for an Orange and Lemon juicer that you manually press down.She’s been making fresh orange juice for everyone since Christmas morning!” – Juls

“My daughter asked for pink princess toast. She got strawberry marshmallow fluff and she loved it.” – Jeanine

“My 2yo niece asked Santa for a ‘little red box with yogurt inside.’ Every time anyone asked her what she wanted for Christmas, it was always the same answer! Thankfully, on Christmas morning, waiting for her under the tree was a little red box. When she opened it up, there was a squeeze pouch of yogurt! She thought it was the best thing ever!” – Melinda

“My son wanted Mac N cheese, so my sister bought him a case from Costco. He was so happy.” – Kerri

“My son asked Santa for an eyeball ornament. It was so random but every time he made a list, the eyeball ornament was on there. I was walking by this store one day and just had a feeling. I asked the lady at the desk if they had any eyeball ornaments. She said she needed to check the back room and came out with this sparkly ridiculous eyeball ornament. It was $4. I think it was my son’s favorite gift.” – Jene

“A few years ago, our son asked for a Spider-Man transformer.We found one and didn’t realize it transforms into a rocket that launches red penis shaped bullets from the crotch! Most inappropriate gift for a 4yo ever!” – Nina

“My 4yo asked for ‘a special bread machine I can use to toast bread.’ Soooooo, a toaster. Santa brought her a toaster. She was thrilled.” – Sara

“My 6yo loves empty paper towel rolls. He makes creations constantly. I spent weeks at work (I’m a dental hygienist) collecting a box full. Everyone thought I was crazy (or a mean mom) but the smile when he opened it and said ‘oh my favorite things!’ was so worth it.” – Nat

“My 9yo wanted an apple peeler. We have peeled about 60 apples since Wednesday. It has a suction base to keep it from moving while you peel. She is thrilled with the suction because she thinks it will be tough for a robber to steal while it’s attached to the counter top.” – Sarah

“When my son was 5, he desperately wanted a clipboard for Christmas. It was then all he talked about. His joy opening that present was the BEST! He used that clipboard for weeks to make lists and ‘do his work.” – Rebecca

“My 8yo asked Santa for a dictionary like the one at school. He laughed at her. She was sooooo happy that he got her the correct one!” – Beth

“We aren’t soda drinkers so when my son was 4 and finally had a taste of Dr. Pepper, that’s all he wanted. Santa delivered and continues to stuff our stockings with a bottle each so we can have our traditional ‘Christmas Dr. Pepper.” – Jules

“I have a friend who’s son asked for cardboard this year. They gave him a stack of cardboard with a bow tied around it. He looked so happy.” – Krause

“My 2yo only wanted an orange for Christmas. This was her face when she opened it.” – Jessica

“This year, my 4yo asked for a ball made of diamonds. That did not happen. He’s pleased with his gifts anyway.” – Mrs. Grill

“My 8yo threw us a curveball this year, when he asked Santa (in person) to feed all of the animals at the shelter. He’d never mentioned this before and it wasn’t on his written list. Santa kind of brushed him off, but with the help of our friends and family, we just brought Santa’s donation to the shelter this morning. Roughly 100 pounds of dog food, cat food, and treats. I just love him, and everyone who helped us surprise him Christmas morning!” – JLP