Every morning for the past two years, Mazzy and I go through the same process. She plops herself in front of the television with her warm milk and her bowl of strawberries and I ask her the following question:

“Do you want to wear pants or a dress today?”

The answer is always “dress” but I ask anyway, just in case.

“It’s a gym day, Mazzy. Maybe pants is the way to go.”

“No, I want to wear a dress.”

“You haven’t worn jeans in awhile. Why don’t we try a pair of jeans?”

“No! I don’t like jeans! They aren’t cozy!”

Then I sigh and stare at her closet. It might look like she has a lot of dresses, but when all you wear is dresses, the options dwindle fast. Inevitably, I pull out the dresses that get the least attention; the ones that look a little cleaner and crisper. Those would be the NON-PINK dresses, obviously. I always bring out two choices.

“This dress or this dress?” I hold up a color blocked red dress and a blue striped dress.

“No and no.”

“But these are both beautiful dresses!”

“There is no pink in them!”

“Look, there is a pink flower right here on the collar.”


We have surprisingly few dresses with Mazzy-approved quantities of pink, so I was excited when a kid’s clothing company called Monica + Andy reached out to me after they learned of Mazzy’s singular color obsession. They sent me links to a few options including the hot pink Little Bow Peep Dress and the pale pink Prima Bellarina Dress.


Oh, the Prima Bellarina Dress. I took one look at that thing and knew Mazzy would want to wear it every day for the rest of kindergarten. Should I get two to be safe?? Maybe FIVE???


I opted for one pale pink Prima Bellarina dress and one hot pink Bow Peep dress. This is me living on the edge. Taking calculated risks.


Then I threw in a couple dresses for Harlow, including a purple Bow Peep.


In truth, Harlow’s favorite color is pink too, but I try to get her invested in purple every chance I get. Someone’s gotta break up all the blushes and fuscias!

Mazzy adored both dresses with the Bellarina being her clear favorite, as I expected.


Harlow immediately paired the purple one with her purse.


Harlow’s got this new thing where she thinks every dress that gathers at the waist is a tutu.

“Is that my tutu?” she asked about the cotton yellow elastic-waisted Stella Stella dress, tilting her head ever so slightly to the right.

“Yep, that’s your tutu,” I assured her.


I love the dresses for a totally different reason than the shape or color. I love them because they are pre-washed high quality cotton with a little stretch in them so they are not only comfortable but durable and great for lots of mobility.


My girls may like pink and dresses but it’s not like they sit around sipping tea and writing in their journals. They race, they climb, they play catch, they wrestle on the floor. When Mike and I come home from work, they want tickle fights and to be thrown on the bed.






We’ve had many high fashion kidswear sent our way that look gorgeous, but just aren’t practical. Mazzy will say it’s scratchy or tight in certain places and she’s right. I’m not going to force her to wear something that becomes an obstacle. Fashion should never stand in the way of play.



The Monica + Andy line are no fuss and washable. In fact, each piece goes through extensive wash tests before it arrives at your door so you know they won’t get ruined after one or two wears. Or after dripping a little too much syrup on it.



Wash tests are great because Mazzy got that dress about a week ago and has already worn it THREE TIMES.



In fact, she’s got it back on this morning and I’m a little scared she might never take it off.


In addition to dresses, Monica + Andy also sell muslin blankets, hair accessories and something called “boys clothes” of which I no nothing about, but I hear some parents have use for them. 

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This post was sponsored by Monica + Andy, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.