This past weekend, Mike and I packed up the family for a staycation at the St. Regis in New York City. This was quite a treat because a) the St. Regis is one of the nicest hotels in NY, b) it’s all the way uptown which is actually a different world from where we live and c) this was really the first time Mazzy and Harlow have stayed with us together in a hotel.

Mazzy went to a hotel once in Arizona when she was really little and Harlow once with me to Chicago but I do not think either of those hotels made an impression like the fancy plush hotel living at the St. Regis.

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts has started a new program centered on family traditions which pays special attention and offers amenities to families with little ones in tow. We could tell from the second we walked in the door that Mazzy and Harlow were going to like it there.


From the bellhop to the woman at the front desk, everyone greeted my kids like they were happy to see them. I think most parents will tell you that their kids are eyed suspiciously when entering fancy establishments, so this greeting was much appreciated.

The woman at the front desk even knew both Mazzy and Harlow by name and presented them with two little backpacks to make them feel at home. Each backpack contained a St. Regis teddy bear (which rarely left their sides for the remainder of the trip), a children’s book about NYC and a miniature pair of slippers with the St. Regis insignia— sized just right.

When we arrived at our room, it was already set up with a bed for Mazzy and a crib for Harlow. It was a suite so we could keep the kids in one room, close the sliding french doors after they went to bed and watch TV in our own bed.





We also had a pretty nice view of Central Park.


Mazzy and Harlow ran around the room excitedly, opening every closet, pulling out every drawer, sitting in every chair, jumping on the bed, going into both bathrooms (two bathrooms!), playing with the curtains, looking out the windows, etc.

Here are four things that made Mazzy squeal with glee:

1) Finding the fridge underneath the television. “There are snacks!!!!”

2) Finding the toilet behind a separate door within the bathroom. “What????!!!! Why is the toilet in there????”

3) Finding the phone next to the toilet. “THERE’S A PHONE NEXT TO THE TOILET!!!! Hello? How are you? I’m on the toilet!”

4) Mike turning on the hidden bathroom mirror TV (which to be honest, is pretty amazing to me too). “WHAT???!!!! Is that a TV?? Can we watch TV while we take a bath??? HARLOW! WE CAN WATCH TV WHILE WE TAKE A BATH!!!!”


It honestly didn’t occur to me that the very act of being in a hotel would be so super exciting.


After we got settled, we left together as a family to explore. We took the elevators, we walked down the marble staircase, visited the gym and checked out the restaurant. The whole time, Mazzy alternated from playing “secret super spy” to “princess living in a palace”.





My favorite part was taking Mazzy to the 12th floor.

Each floor at the St. Regis is a different color theme and the 12th floor is pink. That was a tip from the personal butler assigned to our room (yes, I said personal butler!) who was told about my instagram feed @pinkinnyc.



At one end of the 12th floor is the Dior suite. That room, I’m going to assume, is pretty amazing.



When we returned from dinner later that night, our butler brought us cookies and milk as part of their turn down service. Then we read a book and put the kids to bed. Both of them in their slippers (Mazzy was obsessed with the slippers) and holding their bears.





The next morning we got room service which was another first for both of them. We got eggs, bacon, coffee, etc. all delivered to the room in covered serving trays. You should have seen the kids eyes light up when the wait staff rolled in the table and removed the tray lids. I think they felt like they were living in a story book.




Harlow got the waffles of her dreams. I am not sure she will ever accept frozen waffles at home again.




After breakfast, I gave them a bubble bath in the big marble tub.


The best part was using the kid-sized robes afterwards.




The team at the St. Regis had a full day planned especially for us. We had lunch at the King Cole Bar, which supplied Mazzy and Harlow with all the coloring pages and crayons they wanted.


IMG_0066 copy

Afterward, we went to a cookie party at FAO Schwartz, arranged by the concierge. FAO Schwartz is about five blocks away, so Mazzy and I played ‘I Spy Pink’ the whole way.

IMG_0001 copy

Then they just about lost their minds deocorating cookies and running around the toy store.






The best part was the St. Regis arranged for us to have our own private time on the big piano, so Harlow and Mazzy could run around until their hearts were content.



Once back at the room, our butler informed us of hot chocolate for the kids served during tea time in the restaurant. It sounded lovely, but it was time for Harlow’s nap and Mazzy was already full of cookies. I’m sorry we missed it.


For the remaining hours before check-out, Harlow slept behind the french doors while Mazzy, Mike and I relaxed reading books, telling stories and watching TV.

IMG_0065 copy

There’s something magical about being in a fancy room within your own city. No pressure to take in the sights— just experience the wonderful nature of living in luxury, with a butler to bring you milk and cookies, who smiles like your kids belong there.

Thank you to the St. Regis for a maginificent time. You made my two girls feel like princesses and like I gave them a gift. But you’ve set the bar REALLY HIGH for our next trip!



This post was sponsored by St. Regis Hotels & Resorts but we will gladly work with them again whenever they want! Obviously.