My photographer friend Karilyn Sanders has been helping me take photos for some of my posts, especially if I need to be in them— like with Harlow’s birthday party and my post about Lily Jade diaper bags with Harlow and I walking around the city.

Today, Karilyn wrote a post about some of the shoots she has done with me and posted a very short video of Harlow and I reading The Book with No Pictures. It was taken during a photo break and I had no idea Karilyn was filming.

The Book with No Pictures has become my kids’ favorite book by a mile. Mazzy and Harlow both know all the words and we crack up reading it together at least once or twice a week. This is usually done at night before bed and I never thought I would have a record of it on video, so I am so excited Karilyn captured a snippet.

I might have to invite Karilyn over to film the whole thing because Mazzy and Harlow would be hilarious throughout. Although, probably the reason I love this video so much is because I had no idea we were doing it for the camera.

That and the fact that Harlow screams “BOO BOO BUTT!!!!!” Such a gift.

FYI: you will appreciate this video way more if you know the book.

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