This Friday, Harlow’s Audrey Hepburn costume made the Humans of NY feed. If you don’t know Humans of NY, I’m not sure you can be trusted on the internet. He’s got over ten million followers on facebook and you can follow him here.

Above is the photo he snapped.

And who could blame him?

Harlow was a SHOW STOPPER on Halloween. There was not one person we passed who did not look her way. And by “her way”, I mean down to the tiny little fancy person at knee level, walking with the confidence of a bonafide screen legend.

With the addition of the coat (it was chilly) and the oversized treat bag (bought at a nearby party store when I realized I didn’t have anything to hold all her candy), Harlow looked more like a rich old lady from the Upper East Side than Audrey Hepburn… but in a way, I think that made the costume even funnier. If that photo had been posted on HONY any other day, people would have thought that get-up was totally for real.

My daughter wasn’t the only scene stealer though. There were many kids who knocked Halloween out of the park. Most of those kids were posted on Instagram, which seems to be the place where perfectly crafted costumes and adorable children come to meet their match.

You know how everyone makes fun of the DIY crafts and homemade baked goods on Pinterest because nobody could possibly have that much time and talent on their hands? Sometimes that’s what I think about Instagram. People can’t possibly have kids who willingly wear those outfits and stand there while their parents apply full Jack Skellington make-up and then make the perfect expression to match, do they????

Yes. Yes, they do.

Below are some of the most adorable costumed kids on Instagram…

Game of Thrones:

A photo posted by Angie Ramirez (@blogali) on

Lilo and Stitch:

A photo posted by k i r a (@kiralauren) on

Where the Wild Things Are:

A photo posted by @s07n01 on

A Detective and a Mime:

A photo posted by keeley (@keeley_ruth) on

Abe Lincoln:

A photo posted by @michelleraz8 on

Wednesday Adams:

  A photo posted by Sarah (@learnfern) on

Andy Warhol:

Ring Leader:

A photo posted by Jessica Maria (@jessimaria) on

Green Eggs and Ham:

A photo posted by @upcirclestudio on


A photo posted by @emily_rubio on

Little House on the Prairie:

Creulla DeVille:

A photo posted by Hannah Pickering (@albotosie) on

Frida Kahlo:

A photo posted by karim jones (@karimjones) on

Flight Attendant:

A photo posted by Karla Quiz (@karlaquiz) on


A photo posted by Petite Soul (@petitesoulshop) on

Ace Ventura:

I Want My Hat Back:

A photo posted by April Megow (@alilepa) on

La Muerte, Queen of Souls:

A photo posted by @kymohna on

Queen of Souls (close-up):

A photo posted by @kymohna on

Doctor Who:

A photo posted by Luana Lied Zapata (@liedzapata) on


A photo posted by Laura (@imperfectbutloved) on

Jack Skellington:

A photo posted by Dallasdotcom (@dallasdotcom) on


A photo posted by Maria Lane (@mafeslane) on

Where’s Waldo:


A photo posted by meg yaniglos (@megyaniglos) on

Prison Guard and Convict:

Lady Liberty and Honest Abe:

Flying Monkey:

Young Malificent:

A photo posted by HoneyandtheBee (@honeyandthebee) on


A photo posted by Letizia Rhodes (@letiziab) on

Run DMC: