The next time someone asks me if being a parent is worth all the stress and selflessness, I am just going to direct them to this video.

It’s Mazzy and Harlow, sharing a watermelon rind (as sisters do), saying “my turn” each time they take a bite, and acting at their absolute cutest.

We are talking PEAK CUTENESS LEVELS here. Red level adorableness alert. Like, if you have anything less than two daughters, and think you are DONE, I would either avert your eyes or risk a complete 360 on your whole “no more children” policy.

Just a warning.

If you’ve noticed that the beginning of my videos are always blurry, it’s because my kids are usually doing something cute and I’m like— “Wait! Hold up! Let me get my camera first!” But they don’t care whether my camera is there to record or not, so I’m always running to catch them mid-cuteness. Hence, blurry beginnings.

It’s a problem.


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