When Mazzy draws something, I tend to leave it out on the kitchen counter for a few days so I can oooh and aaah over it and then, when I am certain she isn’t paying attention, I transfer that masterpiece directly into the trash.

Sure, there are a few things I keep (way too many in my husband’s opinion), but my kids can work their way through a sketch pad in about five minutes. They have absolutely no regard for the storage space in our apartment or for the trees that have been murdered so they can scribble two lines on a piece of paper, declare it “DONE!” and move onto the next.

I can only imagine this is what an artist named Ruth Oosterman was thinking when she decided to turn her two-year-old daughter Eve’s scibbles into actual works of art…





Here’s a video of how the last piece was made…

I might just look at my daughter’s drawings a little differently now. (I’ll still throw them out though.)


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