I came *this close* to screaming "SHIT!" when my family poured a bucket of ice water on me, so I am in no place to judge the two-year-old below who screams much worse.

I get it, two-year-old, I get it. It's cold!

I guess if you have a baby who can pronounce "nominate", there's a pretty good chance she's able to say a lot of other stuff too. Brace yourself because this toddler swears like a sailor…

Predictably, comments have been turned off on YouTube since this video was originally posted, with the caption now reading, "Here for comedic value, not for parental awareness. Get over it."

Parenting fail aside, this is some FUNNY SHIT.

I know I had to go through serious profanity rehab when I had kids. Even if you read my blog from the beginning, you'll notice I cursed a helluva lot more when Mazzy was six months than I do now with a four-year-old and a one-year-old at home. Kids copy everything grown-ups say and nothing sounds more interesting to repeat than a spontaneous word shouted at top volume. 

I'm not judging the parents of this kid, but I will offer this handy guide for any mom or dad who likes to sprinkle their vocabulary with colorful words, but doesn't want to get their tots kicked out of preschool.

It's based on some creative curse word substitutions you guys gave me under an old swear-heavy post. Obviously, a well placed "motherf*cker" is always more effective than a half-assed "fiddlesticks", but I can't think of anything more insulting than being called a "dumpster clown".

Actually, I'd probably lock Mazzy in her room for calling someone a dumpster clown. 

Parenting is hard. Cursing is an art form. Tread lightly, my friends…



Now, because we all fail at parenting sometimes, let's share the moment we heard our kids curse in the comments.