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Today I'm posting an ad for Always (yes, the Maxi pads), because it made me cry. It's about how the phrase "like a girl", as in "you run like a girl" and "you throw like a girl" means that you do those things badly.

It also makes the point that older kids are the ones who understand this "insult", while younger girls aren't in on the joke. They take "like a girl" to mean "like themselves", as they should.

FYI- I showed it to a friend of mine and she was unmoved. I said, "Maybe you need daughters to truly appreciate it." She suggested I was getting my period. I said, "Oh wait. I think you are right." And then I was like, "OH MY GOD! IT'S AN AD FOR MAXI PADS! SUCH SYNERGY!"

Anyway, I think this ad has a pretty amazing message because at this point in time, Mazzy has confidence coming out of her ears. She always takes the opportunity to show off her athletic skills by scoring a goal in Super Soccer Stars, doing tricks on her scooter (the low down squat is particularly impressive), and beating her own sprint times (timing her running back and forth is one of my favorite things to do to tire her out).

As Mazzy gets older, she makes more and more assumptions about gender. She thinks boys are cool and girls are pretty, even though she believes she is both. She thinks only boys play sports even though I always point out that she plays sports. She thinks pink is for girls and blue is for boys even though one of her best friends is a boy who's favorite color is pink. It's crazy to me that she repeats these gender stereotypes even though they don't apply to her own experiences.

But nothing she says equates being a girl with anything bad. Yet.

Let's make "like a girl" synonymous with only good things from here on out, 'mmmkay? 

(I'm serious when I say I cried. Grab a tissue.)

I'm starting a thread on facebook where everyone can post #likeagirl photos of their girls doing badass things. I started with this photo of Mazzy riding her scooter down a ramp in our neighborhood. She always makes me detour so we can pass it. 


You know, just #likeagirl.

Add your photo on the Mommy Shorts facebook page.


This isn't sponsored. I just really like it. And I might be getting my period. You win, Always!