This photo was submitted to me by Sarah (@shreinhart on Instagram) who's two-year-old son Oscar has a nose picking problem. 

Sarah believes her son's problem started when she left him watching Handy Manny to nurse his six-week-old sister in a nearby room. Sarah noticed he was being super quiet but falsely assumed it was because Manny was a good temporary sitter. 

Little did Sarah know that Oscar's silence was due to something much more sinister—


Sarah describes how the discovery went down…

Then Oscar found me and said, "Come look, Mommy. I PAINTED." So 'come look' I did and HOLYF*CKINGSH*T!!!!

That's right, folks. Oscar sat on that couch and stuck his finger up his nose. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????

Or perhaps, Sarah is referring to the Oscar's OTHER MASTERPIECE.

Nah. Who wouldn't want that work of art on their white leather couch? Brightens up the place, don't you think?

I think this photo is in need of a caption. Please give it your best shot in the comment section below. I'll be collecting entries here and on facebook. Winner gets bragging rights and their very own Mommy Shorts mug!


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I'll announce the winner on Friday.

Good luck!


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