All week long, we've been voting on the cutest teams of cuddlers including babies, toddlers, pups, kittens, and lots of shirtless dads.

Before I announce the winners of Freshpet Team Cuddle, I want to introduce you to Theo and George. There was no cuddling category for hamster and dog buddies, but if there was, I'm sure Theo and George would be $1,000 richer. That's a lot of wood shavings for Theo to make himself comfortable!

Is Theo an especially cute hamster or is this how they all look? Because I am seriously considering buying one.

A big thank you to Jessica from Momma's Gone City for partnering with me on this contest and to Freshpet for sponsoring the whole shebang. I don't have a dog but if I did, I'd give him Freshpet's all-natural fresh food filled with wholesome ingredients.

Not only would it keep my dog's energy up and his body strong, I'm pretty sure healthy and happy translates to more cuddles with the kids for the camera.


If you want to try Freshpet for free, head on over to They are giving away coupons for to the first 500 people who take the FeedFresh pledge here:

I also want to thank Freshpet for donating $5,000 to the SPCA, the Santa Cruz shelter where Jessica adopted Theo. Raising money for the SPCA is Jessica's long time personal cause and she is absolutely thrilled to be delivering their check later this month.

Now, on to the winners.

Although the top five in each category were selected by a very subjective process judged by the Freshpet team, Jessica and myself, the #1 in each category was determined by popular vote.

Nothing subjective about it.

The favorite cuddling team from "Tots & Pups" and the winner of a $250 cash gift card and a $50 Freshpet gift pack is…


If you want to see more of Tank's escapades with his cuddling companions, follow @grayghosttank on Instagram.

Photo 1 (1)

The favorite cuddling team from "Kiddos & Kitties" and the winner of a $250 cash gift card and a $50 Freshpet gift pack is…


I didn't notice when I selected the picture of Phoebe and Colbey as one of the finalists, but you'll notice that Colbey has a scar along the left side of her head. You can read more about Colbey's brain surgery on her mom's blog. Colbey's mom says Phoebe and Colbey have been constant companions before and after surgery. You can follow Colbey and her "guard kitty" at @napswithphoebe on Instagram.

Photo 2

The favorite cuddling team from "Sibling Snuggles" and the winner of a $250 cash gift card is…


Charlie and Lizzie's photo was submitted by @ashleyvanamburgh on Instagram. The twins cuddle together on the regular.

Photo 3

The favorite cuddling team from "Family Cuddle" and the winner of a $250 cash gift card is…


I don't know whether this large team of snugglers has tons of friends who came out to vote or if you all just overwhelming thought they were the cutest. Aiva, Ikaika and Makai won by a landslide. You can follow this adorable family at @mama_juice on Instagram.

Photo 2 (1)

And finally, the grand prize, with the most votes out of every category and the winner of a $1,000 cash gift card is…


It just doesn't get any cuter.

Congratulations to the winners, including Kim B who won Tuesday's giveaway for a $50 Freshpet gift pack! Her 15-year-old cat Cleo is going to have quite the third act with her new diet of gourmet pet cuisine. Please email to claim your prizes.

A big thank you to everyone who played along. 

If there is one thing I have learned from Freshpet Team Cuddle, it's that there is no shortage of cute kids and pets.