Mazzy, with a few exceptions, prefers to play with boys. I'm not sure if this is because she is a tom boy or because she wants to kiss them all. Or maybe she's figured out the best way to kiss all the boys is to be one of the boys.

Except, if memory serves, that totally backfires in the bad '80s movie Just One of the Guys. Although, I think that girl actually pretended TO BE A BOY, so maybe that's not a good analogy.

There is a boy a year older than Mazzy who I call her biggest crush. She follows him around, cries when he doesn't want to play with her and copies everything he does and says. If they are in the playground at the same time, you can hear Mazzy calling his name over and over whenever he manages to elude her. Then he'll turn around and give her a smile and a match box car to play with and her day will have been made. 

This Saturday, it was his birthday party which happened to be a costume party.

I asked Mazzy when we got the invitation two weeks ago what she wanted to be and she said a princess. This surprised me, because although Mazzy loves the color pink, it really isn't about princesses or ballerinas or anything like that. She just likes the color. But we do own a princess dress so I was happy to already have her costume. 

Then, the day before the party, she told me she wanted to be a knight. 

A knight? How does she even know what a knight is? 

She told me that's what the boy would be dressing up as.

Of course.

Normally, I would say something like, "We already have the princess costume and I am not buying something else." But since, in this particular instance, it would be me forcing her to wear a "girl" costume instead of a "boy" costume, that didn't seem right.

So, I took her to the toy store around the corner to see if they had a knight costume. I wasn't even sure what a knight costume would entail. A suit of armor? A large sword? Some sort of crest? I'm such a girl.

Ultimately, it didn't matter, because the toy store had nothing of the sort. They had two capes— a blue cape and a pink cape. 

ME: Do you want to be a superhero?

MAZZY: I want to be a knight.

ME: Do knights wear capes?


Good, Mazzy didn't know what a knight is either.

ME: Ok. Pick a cape and you can be a knight.

Mazzy picked the pink one. Obviously. And then we went home and put together her outfit which was pretty much exactly what she wears every day— pink shirt, pink leggings, pink sneakers, pink bow— except it all looked much much cooler once we threw the cape on top.

Mazzy walked into the party as a knight or a superhero or "The Pink Crusader", or whatever it is you want to call her— she looked AWESOME.



The boy took one look at her and fell madly in love.

Except, he didn't because he is FOUR.

Also, his knight costume was a "Jedi Knight" costume (all the moms of boys just gave a collective, "DUH!") so I'm very happy Mazzy didn't show up in a suit of armor.

Although, maybe in the bad '80s movie version of Mazzy's life, that would be incredibly embarrassing, the boy would laugh and Mazzy would run home crying (as best she could in a suit made of metal). 

But in the real life version, Mazzy would rock that suit of armor with confidence.

And still get the guy.