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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know my husband does not understand the urgency or pain of child birth. Nope, Mike believes labor will wait for him to brew a fresh pot of coffee. And three years later, he pulled that shit again.

If you read both my birth stories, you will wonder why I am still married. But this phenomenon is not unique to my husband. No man can possibly comprehend the intensity of a contraction.

Until now…

A Dutch TV show decided to hook two guys up to a contraction simulator for two hours and it might be the most satisfying thing I have ever seen.

I think you'll find that pain translates in every language. You'll also find the smugness of the two women administering the procedure translates beautifully as well.

Normally I don't post videos that are ten minutes long, but I swear, I could watch men in labor ALL DAY LONG.


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