Every holiday, vacation, birthday party, etc. that involves small children (especially your own) is a roller coaster of good intentions, tantrums, heartfelt moments, eye rolls, hugs, eczema inducing agitation (at least in my case) and much more. It’s way harder to survive parenthood if you are a glass half empty kind of person.

That’s why I always tell people that “selective memory” is the key to enjoying parenthood. I wrote a whole chapter about it in my book! At the end of the day, you need to remember the hugs and the gratitude and forget the 50 minutes you spent trying to calm down your 6yo because you didn’t have an emoji themed band aid for a cut you couldn’t even see.

Sorry. That got very specific.

Anyway, there is no better illustration of this parenting strategy (yes, I’m calling it a strategy!) than the “Best Christmas Ever” sketch on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Yes, of course, this is meant for a laugh and the point is that these poor parents are totally deluding themselves, but seriously— your day is how you choose to remember it. If you go to bed with a smile, no matter what happened, I call that a win.

Also, on December 26th, when you find yourself feeling envious while listening to your friend describe how perfect her Christmas was, try to remember that she’s probably deluding herself too.

Merry Christmas!