When you have a baby, everyone says you are supposed to keep your child at home, away from germ-laden strangers, snotty preschoolers and touchy feely distant relatives, for SIX FULL WEEKS.


As of today, I have successfully completed four weeks of seclusion with baby Harlow. Well, that's not true. I did leave the house for doctor appointments, a couple closely guarded walks around the neighborhood, and a quick drive-by of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (for Mazzy's sake), but that was it.

Basically, my life is one long cycle of breastfeeding and eating bowls of cereal while wearing the same pajamas, all to keep my baby alive and sickness-free.

Staying indoors might be good for the baby's health, but unfortunately, it does no favors for your skin.

We have radiators blowing out heat in every room (Harlow sleeps better when it's warm) and the air in the apartment is ridiculously dry. Even with a humidifier in my bedroom and the nursery, I still wake up every morning with a scratchy throat and cracked hands.

The cracked hands might also be due to constant washing and use of hand sanitizer— again, for the good of the baby, but neither is recommended for someone with eczema, like me. 

My hands aren't the only problem. My legs have taken on a lovely scaled appearance, making them appear even whiter and paler than they did during the summer. My elbows are beginning to look like the elbows of an old woman. And my feet… well… if someone could tell my husband to stop shuddering every time he looks at them, that would be FANTASTIC.

All of this is why I was thankful when Vaseline contacted me to participate in a 'winter skin challenge' to test their new Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Body Lotion. They say it's moisturizing powers are so great, it can relieve dry skin after just one use and help heal dry skin in just three days.

Plus it's non-greasy formula feels great, unlike most of the other high-powered moisturizing lotions that feel like you've slicked your skin with a lubricant that won't soak in for the next 10-12 hours. Try holding a newborn with greasy hands— just not mine. I don't want you to drop my child.

Anyway, Vaseline gave me the choice of several winter activities notoriously tough on the skin, including ice skating, snowman making and baking, for my 'winter skin challenge'.

I chose baking because of the whole NEWBORN LOCKDOWN thing. Also, Harlow is definitely advanced (did I mention she lost her umbilical cord in just 5 days?!) but not the kind of advanced where I can put her in a pair of ice skates.

Choosing BAKING is hilarious because I have literally never baked in my life. But I assume, at some point, I'll have to make cupcakes for a school function which will determine my standing amongst the super-baking mothers of the PTA, and now is as good a time as any to learn.

Vaseline sent me a winter activity kit which included an old fashioned apron, a pair of silicone spatulas, some winter-themed hot plate grips and of course, a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Rescue.


I'm hoping a second package arrives in the mail, which includes a BAKER, and then I should be good to go.

More to come on my experience soon. In the meantime, pray for my skin and my kitchen!


This post is sponsored by Vaseline but as always, the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.