(Photo credits clockwise from top right: @chowexander, @trinipoodle, @applejacks, @netta7)

I don't think there is anything I can say about the tragedy in Connecticut that hasn't been said already and been said better. And I certainly don't have an answer to how to ease the pain or what to do about gun control or anything that might help us process this horrible event.

But it feels wrong to go back to business as usual without acknowledging the one thing we are all thinking about.

As a lot of you know, I'm very active on Instagram and I participate in a community led by the photographer Josh Johnson (@joshjohnson). It's very simple. He posts a theme every day and thousands of people from all over the world contribute photos under one hashtag.

This weekend the hashtag was "Hearts for Sandy Hook" (#jj_HeartsforSandyHook).

One photo of a heart seems pretty trite, but when I looked through the thousands of contributions with captions in all different languages submitted by people who wanted to find some small way to show hope and kindness to the families of Newtown, it felt like something special.

Below is a sampling of those photos.

It's nothing profound. It's just my way of taking a pause and having a moment of silence, so that tomorrow I can try to move on, while knowing that for others moving on is impossible.

Thank you to those who gave me permission to use your beautiful photos. All photos are credited to the individual's instagram account name.


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My hopes and prayers are with the families in Newtown.