Two weeks ago, I talked about Mazzy's budding artistic abilities and the possibility that I might be raising a toddler Picasso.

Not to brag, but I can safely say my daughter gets her talent from me, since her father draws like a blind person with no hands. 

I've documented Mike's artistic failings before, prompting more than one reader to suggest a "Drawings By Mike" coffee table book. You know, to scare young children into getting a law degree and never picking up a crayon again.

Over the course of our entire relationship, I've only seen Mike draw twice. Once to draw Elmo and once to draw Snoopy, both at the behest of our daughter. The results almost ended our marriage— can I really continue to sleep with a man who thinks Elmo has two sets of eyes???— but with therapy and hard work, we made it through to the other side and are now living happily together again.

Through it all, Mazzy has continued to hone her drawing abilities. In addition to her critically acclaimed portrait series, she has begun to draw likenesses of her favorite storybook and television characters. 

I probably don't need to tell you, but this is OBVIOUSLY Olivia:


And this is Mazzy hard at work on a picture of Clifford:


Isn't it cute that she actually uses the character for reference? Again, she learned that from watching me.

Since it won't be long before Mazzy surpasses her father's artistic abilities entirely (I give it about 2-3 weeks), I thought now would be the perfect time to have a TODDLER VS. DADDY DRAW-OFF. You know, while it is still a fair fight.

Mazzy was immediately on board but Mike needed some convincing.

"This is so you can mock me, right?"


"I don't want to do it."

"OH COME ON!!!! If you just draw two-three drawings then I'll be done with my blog post for the night and we can go watch television."


So here we go…

In one corner, we have Mazzy, a precocious two and a half year old who has just recently learned how to hold a writing implement.

In the other corner we have Mike, a grown man who has had access to pen and paper for the past 39 years.

Let's put this to a vote, shall we?



I would like to caveat the last entry. After I mocked Mike's Cookie Monster ("Even a two-year-old can see that Cookie Monster doesn't have a nose!!!"), he spent a good half hour on the drawing below, even using a picture for reference— JUST TO SPITE ME. I think it's the hardest Mike has tried to win anything since the $3000 body fat challenge at his office.


Despite Mike's game-changing Cadabby, someone is still more than confident she'll come out on top.



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