The votes have been tallied and all babies too nice to make it to the next round are OUT. Only the evilest of babies remain. Above is the updated bracket, for those of you playing along at home.

If you look at the polls from ROUND 1, you'll see that four of the pairings were ridiculously close, so please know that EVERY VOTE COUNTS. 

Also, based on yesterday's FINAL FOUR predictions, you are way more scared of the girls than the boys. I don't blame you.

Today's giveaway is from BB Blocks and you can enter by helping me come up with more "Evil Baby Questions" in the comment section. Have you been paying attention to the questions? They are my favorite part…










Polls will close at 12pm EST tonight. Winners will advance to the quarter finals tomorrow.

May the evilest baby win!

Click to go to the Quarter Finals.


Today's giveaway is a set of BB Blocks ($40), created by a mom who wanted a fun way to document her child's growth. One set contains three oversized wooden blocks— two square number blocks and one long rectangular block with "weeks", "months" and "years" written on the sides.

The result are some really fun photo ops like the ones below (that's Mazzy top left).


Of course, if you are the parent of one of the evil babies competing in the Glare-Off, I might be worried that he or she would hurl one of those oversized blocks at your head.

For everyone else with kinder, gentler, non-violent babies, you can purchase BB Blocks here

Giveaway Rules

1) You must be a Mommy Shorts Facebook Fan to enter. If you are not one already, you can become one by clicking here.

2) Help me come up with "evil baby questions" in the comment section below. Ex. "Which kid tortures the neighbor's cat?" or "Which kid terrorizes the babysitter?" My favorite answer wins. Plus, I'll be using some of your best responses tomorrow.

3) This is not required BUT— please spread the word of the Evil Baby Glare-Off. Post a link on your facebook page, click "like" underneath the post, tweet about it, tell your child's preschool teacher, whatever. Just because that would be a very nice thing to do. Thank you.

All giveaway winners will be announced on Monday October 22nd, along with the winner of the glare-off.