If all goes as planned, we will welcome our second daughter in mid November. According to NickMom, this happy event will be followed by people repeatedly asking us if we are going to keep trying for a boy…


This is pretty funny because at six months pregnant, I already find myself fielding this question daily.

"Ummmm…. I'm currently carrying #2. Can we shelf the third child discussion, please?"

The last thing any pregnant woman wants to think about is getting pregnant again. Not that pregnancy isn't an awesome time (what with the sudden calf cramping in the middle of the night and the shifting of your pelvic bones) but I would prefer to think about the possibility of #3 after pregnancy amnesia sets in. You know the phenomenon that makes you think labor was a breeze and nine months went by as quickly as watching a half hour epsiode of Modern Family?

I can almost guarantee the answer will still be "no".

We've never planned on having three kids, we don't have the space for three kids and we don't want to pay the ginormous amounts of money required to educate three kids. Plus, we probably wouldn't be able to agree on a third name and end up calling the poor thing something like "Three" or "Kid" or "If We Knew You'd Also Be a Girl, We Would Have Stopped at Two".

Which brings up a good pointโ€” where's three girls or three boys on NickMom's chart? Is the prevailing thought just, "Oh…. Sorry"?

A good college friend of mine is the youngest daughter of seven girls. Her father probably couldn't show his face in town without people giving him sympathetic shakes of the head every time they passed him on the street. I bet he drank in the local bar FOR FREE.

Actually, according to the chart, if that family was started today, they'd have a bonafide reality hit on their hands.

Poor dad. He was ahead of his time.


How do people resond to your number of kids? Secondary question: What's a good response to 'Are you going to keep trying for a boy?'