When I was a kid, pumpkin patches consisted of two things:



These days they are filled with hay rides, corn mazes, petting zoos, ponies and bouncy castles. (Or is that just the ones in New York?)

Which means not only is pumpkin selection important, but order of pumpkin selection events are important too. For example, you should NOT select your pumpkins before partaking in all the other activities unless you want to carry around two or three massive pumpkins while also making sure your child doesn't fall off a pony, eat food meant for a goat or get kicked in the head in a bouncy castle. (Can you guess who made that idiotic mistake last weekend?)

Plus, Mazzy continues to subscribe to the theory that BIGGER IS BETTER. The perfect pumpkin is the one that needs a separate car to drive it home.

Mazzy loved it all, of course. Particularly the pony rides. Check her out below— doesn't she look like a pro?


Did I mention I had my camera in tow? I continue to carry the thing even though I am just as likely to get a picture of Brad Pitt making out with my mother as I am to getting a picture of Mazzy smiling at camera.

So what do I do when I've got a whole lot of pictures of the back of my child's head? I make a comic strip.

Which brings me to the third installment of 'Lil Maz…


Past installments include Lil Maz: Zoo Detective and Resistance is Futile, Charlie.