Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 11.36.22 PMOne of the loveliest things about having a young child is their desire to lick everything in sight.

Mazzy has half her hand in her mouth at all times and the only reason she takes her hand out is to put something else in it's place. 

What qualifies as something worth chomping on? 

Pretty much anything that isn't actually food. Sand, crayons, play-doh— Mazzy has still not gotten over using her 'sense of taste' to figure out what's what.

But if it resembles something that might have actual nutritional value? 

She knows immediately it's not worth exploring. (Fascinating creatures, these toddlers.)

There are certain things that never seem to get old no matter how much saliva she has dedicated to their attention.

Her absolute favorite?

The glass door in our living room. I think she would shove the whole thing in her mouth if she could dislodge it from the wall. Poor thing has to settle for just licking the surface.

This is one reason I probably should have been using Method's non-toxic all-purpose cleaner (pictured up top) for the past two years instead of the past two weeks.

Method is a new sponsor of mine and as good sponsors do, they recently sent me a bottle of their all-purpose cleaner to test out, in GRAPEFRUIT FLAVOR.

I mean— SCENT.

It's cleaning agents are derived from corn and coconut instead of scary things like Isopropanal, 2-Butoxethanol, Ethylene, and Ammonia (the main ingredients in Windex).

Not that I recommend feeding it to your child with a spoon or anything, but at least you can feel a little bit better the next time they got up close and personal with a window, like the children depicted in the photos below.

I present…

15 Compelling Reasons to CLEAN LIKE A MOTHER: 

1. Lyla


2. Katelyn


3. Nicholas


4. Phaedra


5. Porter


6. Roya


7. Parker


8. Kaylee


9. Morgan


10. Mya


11. Atticus (from Petites Frites)


12. McKenna & Parker (from Four Plus An Angel)


13. Will


14. Jayla


15. And my favorite, Schuyler (from Peck Life)


Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures on my facebook fanpage. I'm sorry that I couldn't use all of them!

Of course, if your child is prone to licking STORE WINDOWS and RANDOM SIDEWALK OBJECTS, like mine, I can't really help you. Maybe an organized neighborhood spray is in order? Someone else organize, please.

Today, Method launched the second video in their "People Against Dirty" campaign. It's called "Clean Like A Mother" and it features their all-purpose cleaners.

It also stars Noah, the official spokesinger of Method. Yes, I said "spokesinger". Who is Noah? I'm not entirely sure and I sat across from the guy at dinner. (Seriously.)

You'll just have to watch and see.


Isn't it just as fun as their anthem?


To spread the 'Clean Like a Mother' mantra, Method is currently running a promotion on their Facebook page for a $1.00 off any Method product at any Method retailer until April 30th. You can print out the coupon directly from their fanpage. Limit 2 printouts per account. Clean happy!