Mazzy loves when Mike and I hug and kiss. It's very cute. But then, one day, Mike gave me a random hug and Mazzy yelled, "Kiss!" So we hugged and kissed. Then she yelled, "Again!" So we hugged and kissed again. And then she yelled, "Now lie down!"

Which was totally weird and put an abrupt stop to the public display of affection.

But that's nothing compared to this:

Whenever Mike or I come home from work, Mazzy demands we remove our jackets immediately. Something about knowing that we are staying put for awhile, I'm sure. 

So the other day, Mazzy and I were having a little dance party in the living room when Mike walked in the door. Mazzy (always super excited when Mike gets home) screamed, "Dance Daddy Dance!" So Mike, being the good father that he is, danced over to join us in the living room without taking off his jacket.

Then Mazzy yelled an additional request.

"Take it off! Take it off!"

So Mike is dancing while simultaneously trying to shimmy out of his jacket and Mazzy is screaming "Take it off! Take it off!" and all of a sudden I'm like—


It was WRONG. Just wrong.

But if you think that a child mistaking her father for a stripper is the ultimate in "Parental Awkwardness", you're in for a treat. Because nothing beats a child accidently drawing a picture of her mother as a stripper and handing it in for school. YES. Check out the bit of awesomeness below. 

Note: I have no idea how long this has been around but I just discovered it.



Anyone else have any parental stories of awkwardness?

Alternative question: Do you think that drawing is for real?