First of all, I want to thank you all for entering and retweeting the Fashion Police Caption Contest in support of fellow blogger Lori and her quest to raise money for the American Heart Association. I also want to thank our current Caption Contest Queen— Sara from Periwinkle Papillon, who volunteered to match my donation of $1 per caption. And I can't forget my friend Pam, who allowed me to use the awesome picture of her daughter Ella. There were over 100 comments entered in just two days which means that $200 will be donated to Project: Purse and Boots.

Now on to the winner. Here's the picture again to refresh…


Sara tells me it was a tough decision but she finally picked (drumroll)…

Roo from {NiceGirlNotes} with her caption:

"Come and get me, PETA. THIS IS SPARTAAAA!"

I'm extremely pleased to give the crown to Roo, the very funny blogger behind {NiceGirlNotes} but I must admit that I did not know the Sparta reference until I looked it up. It's from the movie 300 and is apparently a popular online meme for all the other people who make it a habit of avoiding movies that look horrible. FYI— It is very cozy underneath my rock and the cinema is fanatastic.

Congratulations Roo— you, my friend, will have the supreme honor of judging the next caption contest.

Who else deserves some props?

First Runner-Up goes to Fritter with:

"Elton is my guncle."

Second Runner-Up goes to Klz with:

"Now they'll never find me."

And "Lori's Official Purse & Boots Pick" goes to Stephanie who said:

"It was either me or the zebra."

But with over 100 captions, I couldn't stop there…

The "There's A Reason I'm A Two Time Caption Contest Queen" Award goes to JLK who said:

"Ah, the Walk of Shame. One of the first signs you're really starting to grow up…."

The "Yes, I Went There" Award goes to julie gardner who said:

"Sure the strap is chafing my balls; but this look is totally worth it."

The "I Watch Too Much Bravo" Award goes to Beth who said:

"Next on True Hollywood Stories 'Before They Were Stars'— Teresa Guidice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey says 'Table flipping and animal print is something my Ma started teachin' me straight out the womb'."

"The Nerd Alert" Award goes to Kathryn C who said:

"Does anyone know where the Midget 2.0 conference is? I'm meeting my husband Chewy there. Thanks."

The "For A Good Cause" Award goes to Ninja Mom who said:

"For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can help children like Ella get on the PATH train to Jersey and locate the nearest Target. Children all over Manhattan are suffering fashion debacles because of difficulty locating suburban shopping malls. Donate now, for Ella, for our future."

The "Sarah Palin" Award goes to Melanie who said:

"Tomorrow I will be wearing my Snow Leopard coat while spraying Aquanet directly into the hole in the Ozone layer."

The "I Love The '80s" Award goes to Ari who said:

"Unaired first scene of Punky Brewster— after her parents abandon her at the grocery store, but before Henry Warnimont adopts her. (Brandon not pictured)"

"The Rachel Zoe is My Hero" Award goes to Dana who said:

"Zebra print on zebra print?! That's Ba-Na-Nas. Oh, wait – I love bananas! Mommy, get me a banana! Mmm, bananas and zebra print – Literally, I die."

"The Brilliantly Brief Award" goes to Paulette who said:

"Suri, who?"

And in honor of Mother's Day, I am going to give the "I Love You Mom" Award to (who else?) my mom who said:

"Lucky me! I outbid everyone at the Britney Spears memorabilia auction for the benefit of the criminally tasteless!"

To see all 109 entries, you can visit the original post here. But there can only be one official Caption Contest Queen. Congratulations Roo— the crown is yours. Feel free to wear it on your blog with pride. Or throw it in the trash. You're the Queen, so it's your call. Even if you have terrible taste in movies.


Please click here to make your own donation to Project: Purse and Boots.
Have a Happy Mother's Day everyone!