Today's baby profiling belongs to Kate, one of my best commenters named Kate (there are three I think). You might remember this particular Kate from the time her dog read her baby a book. And just so I can say the name Kate two more times, Kate's got a funny blog called Love and Kate, where you can learn more about this little guy…

Tom_Thomas  Name: Tom

  Nickname: Tom Thomas  (because
  Mommy can't decide)

  Build: Santa tummy

  Signature Style: T-shirt/Pants man
  (except when he steals a stranger
  baby's gym shorts)

  Favorite Grub: Sweet Potatoes!
  (Take that, Daddy)

  Can't Live Without: His mama.
  He's a cling machine.

  Favorite Book: Moo Baa La La La

  Pet Peeve: Sleeping (Mom note:
  Please. Send. Help)

  Best Trick: Staying happy even
  though he's up all night partying

  Future Career: Rock Star (Editor's Note: Obviously)


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