If I am ever going to build a gingerbread house (which I am NOT), I hope it looks less like Martha Stewart's home in Westport and more like a run down bodega that one would find on Avenue D.

The dilapidated confectionary wonder above was built for the yearly gingerbread house competition at the Swedish Museum of Architecture. Hereby confirming that Swedes are way cooler than Americans. (I KNEW IT!)

For more entries plus the opportunity to ponder the meaning of big Swedish words like "pepparkakshuståvling", click here.

Other noteworthy gingerbread houses including an unfortunately located abode on Elm St. after the jump.


This cavity-inducing home was built for a gingerbread competition put on by Creative Room


The post modern pad above was built by Hometta who offer gingerbread drafting plans for super ambitious architects/bakers.


Above is a model of the house proposed for Real World Burlington. For views of the chocolate motorcycle and the underground garage click here.


The miniature perching-gingerbread-house pictured above was found on Not Martha. (Editor's Note: This is the epitome of Martha, no?) Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to create one yourself.


And last but certainly not least, we've got the house that I would build if I knew how to work my oven. Clearly Dave and Charlotte have some issues to work through.