Yesterday, I couldn’t find one of my AirPods. I had fallen asleep with them on and only one was still in my ear the next morning. At 6am, while Mike was still fast asleep in the bed, I quietly looked under the pillows, under the blankets, under the sheets, under the bed… and came up with nothing. Later that morning, I realized that Mike had gotten up and made the bed.

“Did you happen to find an AirPod?”

He had not.

You know all those memes about husbands who can’t find things that are right in front of their face? Our relationship is the exact opposite. Mike is an expert at finding things. I always say it’s his superpower. I’m the bumbling fool claiming we have no more Advil when there is clearly a Costco sized container in the medicine cabinet that I am currently looking in.

It was mid-afternoon by this point and still no AirPod had turned up. I asked Mike if he would look for it. One way to motivate him is to say that I am just going to buy new ones if we can’t find it.

That worked. Mike pulled apart the bed and looked. He got on his knees and searched the bedroom floor in case it had fallen. He looked. And looked. And looked. Then he came back into the living room to tell me the bad news.

“They are not in the bedroom.”

He can say these things because he is an expert. Then he looked at me.

“What were you wearing last night?”

“Same thing I’m wearing right now. A hoodie and sweatpants.”

“You haven’t changed?”


“Have you checked your hood?”

I pulled the hoodie up over my head and with a delicate little clatter, the airpod dropped onto the table, right in front of my face.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best life partner. The only person I could possibly survive a year long pandemic with in a two bedroom apartment. I can’t even tell you the amount of money he has saved me by locating things i thought were gone forever.

I love you, Mike. Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself.