This past Memorial Day weekend, we were lucky to have some of the nicest weather ever. We went out to the house and started getting excited for summer. This translated into lots of purging and cleaning, which was not really that fun, but very necessary. We had my mom and my mother-in-law over on Saturday, went to my dad’s on Sunday and went over Seri’s on Monday. Nothing too exciting to report except that it really was an exceptional weekend, with oddly well-behaved children. In one particularly awesome moment, I even heard myself say to Seri, “I feel like we are in the parenting sweet spot.” Which, you know, is the parenthood equivalent of saying “I’ve never gotten into a car accident!” two seconds before you crash your car into a tree. This week everything will surely go to shit.

Here’s a random hilarious story that happened this weekend. Saturday night, Harlow brought out a Little Mermaid book to read before bedtime. It’s one of those books that continues the story after Eric and Ariel are married. The opening line of the book is:

“Oh Eric! This is wonderful!” Ariel said excitedly as she twirled around the ballroom with her prince. “I can dance with you and see the ocean!”

The second I read that line, Mazzy and Harlow burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked. Harlow said, “That is like the opposite of yours and Daddy’s relationship.” HA! “What does that mean???” I asked. Mazzy volunteered, “Well, it’s just that they are Disney Princesses and they don’t know any better. They think dressing up for a ball is better than sitting on the couch eating guacamole.” Which is precisely what Mike and I were doing before I went upstairs to put them to bed. So… is romance dead? Or is guacamole better than romance?

I only published two posts last week, but that’s because I have been very busy writing an in-depth guide to my favorite family-friendly spots in NYC. I have written about different neighborhoods and various NYC happenings, but I want to have one main post that I can send people every time they ask for my recommendations on Instagram. Which is several times a day at this point. If all goes as planned, my NYC post will come out by the end of this week.

The most popular post from last week was about my decision to post (and continue posting) about my pro-choice views. There is some scary stuff happening in this country (to put it mildly) and I feel like stating my mind in this moment in time is necessary and important. Please give this post a read. I tried to be both informative and fair, while also being clear about my position.

For a more fun post, and some fashion inspo, check out “Ramping Up My House Clothes for Summer,” in which I paired Comfortiva sandals with cheap basic dresses from Target and then accessorized the shit out of them. Did I mention there was a giveaway for four pairs of sandals involved? FYI, I have been living in the cork Gamora sandals all week and love them so much, I am planning to buy them in more colors.

If you want to spend a moment thinking about the true meaning of Memorial Day, I highly recommend checking out this photo album on @mommyshortssquad. It really puts everything in perspective. Thank you to the brave American soldiers and their families who made the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us can eat burgers safely in our backyards. If you have a friend or family member who died while serving our country, please feel free to share their story below.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!