Welcome to the 2018 Mommy Shorts Halloween Costume Awards! This is always my favorite post of the year and I have to say, your costumes just keep getting better and better. I wish I was giving out cash prizes to properly reward you for your efforts, but nope! My costume awards are just for fun.

Hopefully the big pile of candy your kids accumulated on Halloween night that you’ve been stealing from after they go to bed is reward enough.

So, without further ado…

The 2018 Mommy Shorts Halloween Costume Awards go to…

Most Likely to Hide an Alien in their Closet:

Least Likely to Say Beetlejuice:

The Greatest Show Award:

Most Likely to Kick Ass on a Tennis Court:

The “I See Dead People” Award:

I have to give a second shout-out to this all kids version of Coco:

And a third Coco Award for the Best Pregnancy Announcement:

Best Adoption Story:

Most Likely to Solve a Pet Related Crime:

Least Likely to Wind Down After a Candy Crash:

Most Likely to Solve a Crime (cast of Law and Order SVU):

Scariest Nightmare:

Least Likely to Make it All the Way Down the Block:

Most Likely to Wish it was Still Summer:

Most Likely to Brag about his Cool New Shoes:

Most Likely to Sneak Candy and get into Trouble:

Best Answer to the Your Most Frequently Asked Question:

Most Awkward:

Craftiest Dragon:

The Laziest Circus Award:

Most Likely to Get Eaten by “Grandma”

Most Likely to get in Trouble with PETA:

Most Fair Way to Determine Who Gets to Ring Each Doorbell:

Least Likely to Tell a Lie:

Spookiest Ghosts:

Most Scared of a Ticking Clock:

Most Likely to Hang Out in their Parents’ Basement:

Most Likely to Get Another Sequel:

Best Addition to the Incredibles Family:

Most Likely to Ask for Some Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce:

Most Likely to Own a Beet Farm:

Most Likely to have a Hair Malfunction:

Best Supporting Ensemble:

Most Likely to Float Away:

Most Likely to Save a Burning Building:

Prettiest Flamingo:

Most Likely to Steal Your Candy:

Most Inconceivable Costume (cast of Princess Bride):

Most Likely to Catch a Ghost:

Bossiest Baby:

Least Likely to get a Cavity:

Most Likely to Close Down your Restaurant:

Most Likely to Befriend a Monster:

Most Likely to Befriend a Gorilla:

Best Homemade Peacock:

Best Muppet Babies Tribute:

Deadliest Catch:

Most Likely to Body Slam you for Candy:

Best Use of Quintuplets:

Fiercest Pride:

Which was also a Pregnancy Announcement!

Most Likely to Catch a Butterfly:

Most Likely to Save the Environment:

Most Likely to Divvy Up Her Candy Fairly:

Best Imaginary Friend:

Most Likely to Inspire a Late Night Run to Taco Bell:

Most Likely to Hit an Iceberg:

Prettiest Mermaid Companion:

Least Likely to Kick that Football:

Most Likely to get Chased by a T-Rex:

Most Likely to get Chased by Flying Monkeys:

Best Seventies Revival (cast of Sanford and Son):

Most Heroic Underpants:

The Captain Underpants Arch Nemesis Award:

Best Hospitality:

Most Likely to get Lost in a Video Game:

Most Likely to Steal Your Vacuum:

Most Likely to Steal your Hamburger:

Most Likely to Steal Your Coconut:

Most Contacted after a Car Accident:

Most Accurate Depiction of a Sibling Relationship:

Most Likely to Flag Down Some Candy:

Fanciest Nancy:

Most Likely to Map Out a Really Complex Trick or Treating Route:

Most Convincing Evil Glare:

Most Rotten Fruit:

Most Likely to Dodge a Boulder:

Scariest Guests at the Overlook Hotel:

Worst Costumes for Actual Trick or Treating:

Most Disturbing Costume Pairing for a Father and Daughter:

Most Likely to Go Home Before Dark:

Most Excited for Halloween to Be Over so the Real Holidays Can Begin:

Now that the main awards have been given out, I always like to give a special shout-out to the kids who really went out on their own and came up with a unique costume. These are the kids who probably had to explain what they were dressed as over and over again.

1. The sisters who went as a distracted driver and the squirrel she ran over

2. The boy who wanted to go as a sportscaster, specifically the guy who does the Pittsburgh Pirates post game analysis

3. The girl who went as a Diction-Fairy (kudos to her mom who made her wings out of actual pages from the dictionary)

4. The kid who wanted to be a half pug/half potato and made a sign to clarify things

5. The girl who wanted to be a mermaid ninja

6. The kid who wanted to go as a airport runway

7. The kid who wanted to go as a goat with a jetpack

8. The kid who makes a new costume every year that involves a representation of his cat

There’s really nothing more I can say to top that.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! Thank you all for submitting your photos. I am really in awe of all the work everyone puts in.

If you don’t already follow me, I’m @mommyshorts on Instagram and also @averageparentproblems. I’ll be posting a bunch of these there too!