Mazzy drew the photo above for a class project. A big focus of their curriculum this year is studying the evolution of NYC and that is the view from our living room window in the East Village.

I posted a photo of the drawing on Snapchat a few months ago and the director of Cookies for Kid’s Cancer messaged me to ask if they could use it in their art auction. I went to the same event last year and knew that this was a pretty big deal. It’s held in a big huge space where NYC artists and prominent NYC chefs get together to raise money for pediatric cancer research. It’s attended by a few hundred people who pay upwards of $500 for tickets.

I asked Mazzy if she wanted to contribute her drawing to the auction and she was very excited. I mean, after I explained to her what an auction is exactly.

Then something occurred to her. “What if nobody bids on it?” she asked me.

“Then I’ll bid on it and be thrilled we get to keep it!”

She agreed to donate her drawing, I got it framed framed and we filled out the appropriate information for her listing.

Title: My View

Artist: Mazzy Wiles

Medium: Colored Pencil on Paper

Value: Priceless

The event was last Tuesday and since it’s really meant for adults, it started at 7pm. On a school night! Mazzy was invited since she was one of the artists. I got to be her PLUS ONE. How’s that for a switch?

There were about 70 pieces on display, mostly from professional NYC artists and street artists, and six pieces from kids. The starting bid on Mazzy’s drawing was listed at $200. On the way there, we discovered that someone had already bid on her piece through the online auction. Next bid was $250. I suspected it might be Grammy or Poppy, but breathed a sigh of relief that someone would be taking it home.

Mazzy skirted through the masses of people to locate her piece on the wall. “Found it!” It was #68.

“Do you think someone else will bid on it???”

“I’m not sure. At least we know you already sold it for $200!”

“But it would be so cool if more people bid on it!”

I suggested that I bid on it, but Mazzy said no. “That’s cheating, Mommy! I want to see if someone else will buy it!”

Throughout the night, Mazzy made me check the online auction app repeatedly to see if someone else had placed a bid. I was a little nervous that we wouldn’t see anymore action but about an hour later, another bid came in. “Mazzy!!! It’s up to $300!!!”

She was so excited.

Then we relaxed and checked out the other pieces of art.

We mingled, got drinks and sampled the food. Chefs from all different restaurants had stations set up, each with a different offering. I ate bucatini, grilled octopus and ceviche. Mazzy was a little scared of the food at first, but surprised me by trying a shrimp dish, which she really liked. Then she ate a pulled pork sandwich. I was impressed!

Next we headed to the step and repeat for some photos. I cannot believe how grown-up Mazzy looks in the picture below.

Which is a little deceiving, to be honest, because for most of the night, she was jumping around and twirling and just really overcome with excitement to be there. Especially as the party neared it’s end and Mazzy got another unexpected bid.

“Mazzy! It just jumped to $700!!!”

“WHAT?! REALLY????” Mazzy put her hand over her mouth. She couldn’t believe it.

We then discovered that my friend Karen (also at the event) was the one who had made the original $300 bid. She tried to outbid the new person but the unknown buyer outbid her again just as the bidding closed.

It sold for $800!!!!

I think my friend Karen was seriously upset that she didn’t get it. But Mazzy was over the moon. She thought Karen taking home her drawing wasn’t nearly as cool as a total stranger.

Before we left, Mazzy told me she was really proud of herself. As most parents of girls will tell you, 3rd grade is a really tough time for girls struggling with confidence issues. Mazzy is no exception. Hearing her say she was proud of herself could not have made me happier. Then she asked if I was proud of her too.

I told her I would be proud of her even if her drawing didn’t sell.

I am proud of her always.

Thank you Cookies for Kids Cancer for asking Mazzy to be part of such an awesome event, for giving us the opportunity to raise money for pediatric cancer research, and for creating an evening that was really special to us both.

And thank you to the mystery buyer for giving Mazzy such a huge confidence boost! FYI, I found out her name the next day and it is no one we know.

I really think Mazzy is going to remember this evening and what it meant to her for the rest of her life.


If you want to see the excitement of the actual event, you can watch it in my Instagram story highlights on @mommyshorts!