When I share videos about kids, it’s usually the zero to 10-year-old set, but today I’d like to share something made by a kid in college. I don’t know if it’s because I see how quickly time is passing (come back Mazzy and Harlow!!!) or because I remember feeling exactly like this when I was a college freshman, but this video is really making me emotional today.

Emery Bergmann, a new student at Cornell, had to make a video about a “transformation” for a class assignment. She chose to talk about her transition from home to college and how lonely it made her feel. Right off the bat, it’s painfully relatable because, let’s face it, making friends can be hard. That’s true whether you’re a college freshman, you’ve moved and you’re starting fourth grade at a new school, or you’re a full grown adult trying to break into the mom-clique at your kid’s soccer practice. It’s tough out there.

What I loved about the video though, besides the awesome editing and her lovably oddball personality, is that a letter from her mom (with an article clipped from a newspaper inside, which is totally something my mom used to do) is the catalyst for turning her attitude around. Her mom had been in a similar situation and assured her with familiar words of wisdom that only grown-ups know—hang in there, it gets better.

All parents worry about our kids growing up and not needing us anymore, but the video helped remind me that I’ll still be able to parent from an empty nest. No matter how old they get, we’ll always have lessons and comforting words to help our kids through tough times (assuming I don’t just break down and drive to campus to bring them home on the third day of classes).

The other thing I love is the comment section under the video on YouTube, a place that is usually  a magnet for the meanest trolly trolls on the Internet. Yet, all the comments I read under her video were so sweet and supportive. From encouraging words to commiseration, everyone seemed to relate. One girl even replied, “I’M A CORNELL FRESHMAN TOO. LET’S BE FRIENDS!”

With all the awful stuff we see about social media and kids, it’s nice to see someone use her creativity and the social tools at her disposable to help her break out of her shell, get people to see a side of her that wasn’t yet comfortable showing them in person and in the end, probably make a whole bunch of friends.

I mean, wasn’t that the original point?