Shopping with little kids isn’t easy. You risk public meltdowns, missed naps and long lines at checkout with kids growing “hangrier” by the second. Plus, kids have a tendency to beg their parents to buy every single item that happens to be at their eye level. Our choices? Either spoil them against our better judgement in the interest of preserving our sanity, or say “no” for the 834th time and risk triggering (you guessed it) another meltdown.

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, former NFL player and sports commentator, revealed his solution yesterday on Twitter. He advised, “When you shop for your kids make them carry their bags, they’ll think twice before picking up a bunch of stuff next time.” He posted that gem along with an adorable video showing his lesson in action.

Watch his daughter Kennedi reconsider the two giant bags of stuff she wanted from Foot Locker as she struggles to carry a haul twice her size through the store and into the mall.

And if your kids start to lose steam before they get all the way to the car? As Johnson demonstrates, you can always holler out a helpful, “I got the receipt!” to remind them you can easily return everything…you know, if it’s too much trouble to carry.

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