Parents are used to being on duty around the clock, even when they’re completely exhausted (which is basically always). It becomes such a part of who we are and how we operate, it’s hard to turn it off. I guess that’s why sometimes you hear about moms asking coworkers if they need to “go potty” before an afternoon meeting, or you occasionally see spaced-out parents in the grocery check-out lane swaying gently back and forth like they’re rocking a baby in their arms— even when they’re totally alone.

But can parenting become so deeply ingrained that we just put it on autopilot? Can we even do it while we sleep?

At least one dad can, as evidenced by this video of him napping in a chair while simultaneously soothing his crying baby. Without even waking up, he gently pats the little one’s back and tries to comfort him, with only one small problem: HE ISN’T HOLDING THE BABY. The camera soon pans right to reveal Mom holding the ACTUAL fussy newborn (and laughing her ass off at Dad’s parenting pantomime).

I bet he wakes up thinking he already took his turn on baby-watch, but sucks for him! Mom has video proof—and can hopefully get a nap of her own soon!

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