Mazzy and Harlow both loved to be swaddled. Personally, I don’t even like my sheet to be tucked under the mattress, let alone wrapped around my entire body until I can’t move, but then again I’m an adult, and I also don’t like pacifiers or riding in strollers – go figure! Lots of babies find it snuggly and calming, and when my girls were babies, wrapping them up like cute little blanket-sausages was instrumental to any of us getting any sleep.

Swaddling also helps keep babies from waking themselves up when they startle, and 5-month-old Kaden reportedly has extra strong startle reflexes. His dad, Kent Siri, says swaddling is the only way Kaden can sleep peacefully without jolting himself awake, but he noticed it had a pretty adorable side effect.

“Every single time we unswaddled him from a night’s sleep or a nap, his arms would pop up as if spring-loaded. It was automatic,” Siri told BuzzFeed. So he took video of Kaden popping out of his wrappings one morning and added some carefully selected audio from ‘Braveheart.’ His friends and family got such a kick out of it, he did it several more times set to different songs, resulting in the awesome video below.

Dad says, “His arms pop up like that because he’s stoked to start the day!” Man, wouldn’t it be nice to be that enthusiastic to wake up on Monday mornings? Probably would be a lot more achievable if we didn’t all have kids.

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