I started a new YouTube series! It’s called Mommy Shorts in the City (so original, I know) and there may or may not be a second episode, depending on whether we ever have the time and inclination to make one. I hear the key to a successful YouTube channel is consistency, so I guess I’m going to have a remarkably average YouTube channel.

In other words— totally ON BRAND!

I’m trying to take what people like about my Snapchat (seeing me and my family run around the city) and combine it with my personal recommendations, since the question I get asked most often is about things to do, see and eat in NYC.

When I got the opportunity to bake challah with Mazzy and Harlow at Orwashers Bakery, I thought this would be the perfect test case for the series. Orwashers is a New York institution that has been around since 1916, but not everybody gets access to their kitchen. We had no crew and filmed it all on our iPhones but this series is a work in progress.

The girls loved the experience of baking in the “bread lab” with the head chef and all of his fancy machinery.

We also got to sample black and white cookies, chocolate croissants, jelly doughnuts (available to all at the bakery in front) and then we rolled all the way home.

The end result feels kind of like those live action segments that your kids hate at the end of Daniel Tiger because it signals that the show is over. Or maybe it’s awesome! I don’t know. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Or what your kids think. I mean, if we’re honest, really successful YouTube channels usually appeal to toddlers.

I probably should have added “saliva from a 7-year-old” on the ingredient list because Mazzy licked her hands about a thousand times during the baking process. I edited it out because it was starting to make me regret eating the challah they made— which was DELICIOUS.

The kids did an awesome job and were so proud.

I promise if you buy any baked goods at Orwashers, my kids were not involved.

If you want to see if we ever make another one of these— subscribe to the Mommy Shorts YouTube channel! New shows will go up every ummm… other… ummm… month?