Since it’s Awards Season, and for the sixth year in a row, I have only seen one adult movie (Lala Land), I decided to put together an awards ceremony for the movies I actually did see— the animated ones. But who would serve as the Academy???

Uh…the most qualified people, of course— my kids and their friends!

Last week, Mazzy, Harlow, Gavin and Luke all got together at my place for the Kid’s Academy Awards. We had movie themed snacks and the kids voted on all their favorite movies from this past year. Not just Best Animated Movie, but Best Female Character, Best Villain and more.

We even danced to each song nominated for Best Song as a refresher. You might have played along on Snapchat.

Check out Moana’s tropical fruit salad (nobody touched it)…

Stork Fingers (eerily similar to chicken fingers)…

Judy Hoppscorn (yes, I know this is a stretch)…

Troll Hair (which didn’t look quite as vibrant as I was hoping)…

and Mike’s Cheese and Crakers (that’s the Frank Sinatra-esque mouse from Sing)…

The kids plowed into the food faster than I had time to take good pictures and then it was time to vote. Pam and Allie had worked for days creating coloring sheets for the kids to cast their votes. Yes, this is what I pay them for.

Here’s how the votes shook out…

Best Female Character

Mazzy – Moana
Harlow – Moana
Gavin – Moana
Luke – Poppy from Trolls

Winner: Moana

Best Male Character

Mazzy – Mr. Moon
Harlow – Nemo from Finding Dory
Gavin – Mr. Moon
Luke – Branch from Trolls

Winner: Mr. Moon from Sing

Best Villain

Mazzy – Tamatoa from Moana
Harlow – Bell Weather from Zootopia
Gavin – Tamatoa from Moana
Luke – Chef from Trolls

Winner: Tamatoa 

Best Song

Mazzy – I’m Still Standing
Harlow – How Far I’ll Go from Moana
Gavin – I’m Still Standing
Luke – Can’t Stop the Feeling from Trolls

Winner: I’m Still Standing from Sing

Best Movie

Mazzy – Tie between Sing and Moana
Harlow – Moana
Gavin – Tie between Sing and Moana
Luke – Trolls (obviously)

Winner: Moana

As you can see, Mazzy and Gavin banded together to dominate the vote which is how politics work. Luke stuck with an outsider which meant he always lost. But Harlow ended up having the most impact of all by being decisive at a moment when everyone else was wavering. She became the deciding vote in the most important category.

See? You can teach your kids more than just about movies with this playdate! This is how democracy works.

You can click this link to download a pdf of all the coloring pages to print out so you can play with your kids. I highly recommend it. The kids had a blast!

Even if I was cleaning popcorn crumbs for days. We ended how every good Kid’s Academy Awards Party should end— with a movie.

I put on “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and they all hated it.



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