Parents do so much to prep for the holidays. They have to buy the presents, wrap the presents, hide the presents, move the elf, fry the latkes, prep for guests, send the holiday cards, keep the magic alive, etc. etc. etc.

When there are so many things to be done, it stands to reason that one thing will be forgotten. Last year, for me, it was tape. I ran out the night before Haunkkah and had to resort to stickers to get everything wrapped by morning. I have a family tradition where all eight gifts are wrapped and out on the first day (even though the kids are only allowed to open one a day), and I was not about to screw it up.

This year, it was the holidays cards. My plan was to send them from the house, where we would be spending the holidays. I remembered to pack my list of addresses but alas, I forgot to bring the cards. Luckily, we came back to the city yesterday, which should have been enough time to send them before New Year’s, but (OH SH*T!) I left the addresses back at the house. And before everyone goes crazy and is like, “Don’t you have all your addresses in the Cloud, so you can access them from anywhere???” No. No, I do not. I am still working off a printed address list from our wedding with half the addresses handwritten by my mother. Pathetic, I know.

But the most forgotten item by parents has got to be batteries. It’s a small thing to forget (especially those itty bitty AAA batteries), but it can have a hugely negative effect. I mean, the only thing that can make a kid cry louder than a stocking full of coal is a fully operational train set with no means to make it go.


Thankfully, this past Christmas, Duracell partnered with Postmates to bring batteries to forgetful moms and dads, averting parenting holiday fails all across America. If you were one of the lucky moms or dads in a city where the program was running, all you had to do was visit, notify them of your horrible holiday blunder and then the trusted power of Duracell was delivered straight to your door.

Thank God. Our talking teddy bears and remote control mini cars were enjoyed and played with on Christmas morning just as the old wise men originally intended. Check out the video of Duracell saving Christmas below!

This post was sponsored by Duracell, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.