This post was sponsored by Band-Aid® Brand, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

1) Leading up to Christmas, you should program “Santa” in your phone with his picture. Then show it your kids whenever they are acting up. “You don’t want me to text Santa about this, do you?”

2) Use a collage of photos for your holiday card. That way you take the pressure off of capturing that one perfect shot. And if you don’t get anything good at all? Just use a funny outtake. I guarantee people will appreciate the honesty of your crying toddler way more than a perfect pose.


3) If you’ve suddenly run out of time to get your holiday photo card printed, make a quick family video and text it to all your loved ones, friends and business associates. Nothing is more festive than an unruly bunch yelling “Happy Holidays!” from your iPhone first thing Christmas morning. Plus, you’ve saved some trees!

4) Create a Snapchat geofilter for the holidays and then screenshot all of the snaps for festive photos to share on your social channels. It’s like a built in holiday card template that everyone at your holiday gathering can share to commemorate the event.

5) All that holiday wrapping paper is super annoying to store. Stand rolls up in an empty wastebasket and use toilet paper rolls cut down one side to make sure your wrapping paper doesn’t unravel.


6) Speaking of storage, use egg crates to store your breakable ornaments.

7) If despite your best efforts, an ornament breaks, make sure you have a first aid kit on hand to deal with any minor cuts or scratches. Nothing makes a kid feel better than a character themed Band-Aid Bandage.

8) To clean up that broken ornament, or any broken glass, after the initial sweep, try wiping it up with a slice of bread. It’s thick enough so glass won’t break through to your hand and it’s great for trapping all the little shards that might be invisible to the naked eye.

9) Instead of wrecking your holiday decor with a baby gate to keep toddlers away from the tree, you can wrap big boxes and fill them with books to surround and block the tree. It will look nice and the little ones won’t be able to move them.


10) Suggest doing a Secret Santa or a grab bag for all the adults at your holiday gathering. That way everyone can concentrate on the kids and buy less gifts.

11) Ask relatives with similar aged kids if they’d rather do a toy exchange than buy gifts this year. I’ve arranged for my sister to go shopping in Mazzy and Harlow’s toys for her three-year-old and one-year-old, who both surely won’t know the difference. Plus, Mazzy and Harlow need to get rid of stuff to make room for their new loot.

12) If you run out of wrapping paper, you can use fabric, newspaper or brown paper bags to wrap your gifts. My favorite is using plain paper and then having the kids draw on it for a personal touch. Plus, it’s just one more thing to keep them busy while you are running around like a crazy person.


13) If you need a box to properly wrap a gift, I suggest using cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc. You might have to finish a box of cookies or crackers to use the box, but is that really such a bad thing?

14) Buy big red bags to put all the gifts in so you don’t have to wrap individual gifts.

15) With all that cooking and baking going on in the kitchen, someone is bound to burn their hands hastily grabbing the goose out of the oven or cut their finger while trying to dice sweet potatoes and sing carols at the same time. Be the savior with Neosporin and a first aid kit in your purse.

16) If your baby is mobile and you’re at a relative’s house that isn’t baby-proofed, you can use Band Aids to cover any exposed electrical outlets.


17) If you are going to be at a relative’s house for Christmas, order all your gifts online and have them shipped there directly. That way you don’t have to go to the hassle of hiding and then transporting presents. If you are extra lucky, maybe you’ll show up and your very kind relative will already have them wrapped! (I suggest offering them cash.)

18) Have crafts at the ready to keep your kids occupied, like decorating their own ornaments or holiday cookies.

19) If you don’t want to deal with washing wine glasses and tumblers, but still want festive holiday cups for cocktails, here’s an easy way to dress up a red plastic cup.


20) Instead of cards, you can wrap each kids’ gifts with different wrapping paper so they automatically know which ones are theirs.

21) Carry toothbrushes and pajamas in your bag for the whole family, even if you don’t plan on staying the night. You never know if the kids will be invited to stay over or if everyone is feeling the holiday spirit so much that you all forgot to designate a driver. Better to be prepared and up the chances for even more holiday fun with a sleepover.

22) If you are not a baker, buy store bought cupcakes and cookies and then dress them up for the holidays.

23) Take the presents out of the packaging before you wrap them. You don’t want to spend all of Christmas morning with a screwdriver, a pair of scissors and a screaming kid who just wants to play with their new Barbie Dream House already.

24) Freeze whip cream on a cookie sheet and then use a cookie cutter to make hearts for your hot chocolate.


25) Get a separate mini tree for the kids to decorate.

26) If you are not accustomed to wearing heels but need to wear the same pair repeatedly for holiday parties, stop that blister on the back of your heel before it starts with a Compeed Blister Cushion. Trust me. There is nothing worse than having to put the same pair of shoes on an already wounded foot.

27) These aren’t Cheerios. They are elf donuts!


28) Buy a toy with multiple pieces (like princess dolls or figurines) and wrap them separately to spread out over a few nights of Hanukah.)

29) Save all your gift tags with the names already on them to use year after year. There’s a good chance you will be celebrating with the same people your entire life!

30) Make your stocking stuffers useful. New toothbrushes are great for house guests, decks of cards or sets of dice are good for impromptu games, phone chargers are always in demand and character themed band aids aren’t just exciting for kids, they also come in handy for the inevitable paper cuts!


31) Have each kid pick one of their gifts to give to a charity. You probably don’t have extra room for all the new stuff and you’ll be giving your kid the gift of learning about the real spirit of the holidays. Hopefully, your kid will want to pass on the gift of giving instead of return it!

Have any more holiday hacks I should know about? Tell me in the comments below!