This video is sponsored by Dunkin Donuts, but all opinions are my own.

The day before Thanksgiving (which is tomorrow, in case it snuck up on you) is the biggest travel day of the year. That means that all across the country, millions of to-do lists are being created that consist of everything from “get my nails done” to “roast a turkey” to “drive five billion miles to eat in silence with people who can’t agree on anything.” If you’re a parent, you also have things like “remember to pack Harlow’s blankie or else she is going to make our lives a living hell on the road trip back home.”

This year, the biggest travel day of the year also happens to fall on National Espresso Day. THANK GOD.

Dunkin’ Donuts asked me to create a video to celebrate this special day, so last week, I got to run around the city doing every errand imaginable while shooting myself on my iPhone. It was super productive! I got to do errands that I’ve been putting off for weeks!

I love when work and real life collides. Enjoy!

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