Yesterday, I posted about the my book launch party. One of the things that made that party so fanfreakingtastic was the gift bags. They are demin on top and bright yellow raincoat material on the bottom, with the Mommy Shorts logo tastefully placed, I dare say.

The bag was chock full of products from brands who have supported my blog for quite some time. But before I tell you what’s inside, I want to tell you what you have to do to win one. And we’re not just talking about what was given out in the bags at the party. We’re talking about a totally souped up version including gift cards to Mini Boden and MicroKickboard with contents totaling about $900.

Not to mention I signed copy of “The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting” by me, Mazzy and Harlow!

What do you have to do to win this souped up swag bag from the Mommy Shorts book launch party?

It’s very simple. You just have to post a picture of my book to the #mommyshortsbook hashtag on Instagram and/or Facebook. Please make sure to tag @mommyshorts in the caption. If you already posted a picture? Well then you already entered, but you are more than welcome to enter again.

Wait. Isn’t it illegal to require someone to purchase your book in order to enter a contest?

You’re right! It is! You must be a lawyer! This is why you can post your own picture or you are more than welcome to repost one of my book pictures.

I’ve got this lovely one on the floor.


This one in my hand on top of the chair that I actually snapped the cover photo.


Or you can walk into a bookstore and snap a picture of the book on the shelves.


The more creative the better, especially if you actually own the book, WHICH WOULD BE LOVELY. But not actually required.

If you have a kid who’s photo is featured in the book, I would LOVE a photo of your kid holding open the book to the page he is on, like this one from The Blooming Onion.


Okay, now that you know what you have to do to win the bag, let’s talk about what’s in the bag!

1. $150 Micro Kickboard Gift Card


You’ve probably seen Mazzy & Harlow riding their Micro Kickboards everywhere from our apartment hallway to inside the grocery store. Micro Kickboard was kind enough to raffle off 5 kickboards at my party and offer this $150 gift card for the swag bag, which will more than pay for a scooter.


2. LittleMissMatched Attach-a-patch set and Colorize Socks


Little Miss Matched’s new Colorize Collection includes socks that kids can personalize with markers that won’t run in the wash. The swag bag will also include the brand new super cool Attach-a-patch set which won’t be officially on sale until November!

3. $100 Mini Boden Gift Card


Remember that photo shoot we did with Mini Boden last month? I’m giving away a $100 gift card so your kids can shop all of Mazzy and Harlow’s favorite back-to-school outfits.


Overalls, anyone?

4. Design Your Own Marble Maze by Seedling + Virtual Reality Viewer


Seedling’s brand new Marble Maze lets kids create their own real world marble maze and then watch it transform into a virtual reality game with the free Maze app! You are also invited to take $10 off a Seedling purchase of over $30 now through 10/31/16 with code MSBOOK16.

5. Two Pairs of Babiators


The swag bag contains two sets of Babiator sunglasses (one Black Ops pair and one Wicked White pair) as well as a camo rocket pack. Babiators are durable, BPA-free rubber that won’t break when bent or twisted, and their lenses keep eyes safe with 100% UV protection. Best of all? Every Babiators product is uniquely guaranteed against loss AND breakage!


You can also use the code HARLOW30 to get 30% off your purchase at

6. Plum Organics Prize Pack


Plum Organics is the official sponsor of my book tour (you can find all the dates and locations here.) In addition to giving away gift bags at every signing, they are also contributing to today’s swag bag by throwing in a pack of Plum’s Mighty Dinos (my office has plowed through three bags in three days) and a set of their new Eat Your Colors line which is launching this October.

7. The Complete Raccoon Collection from Apple Park


We all know how much Harlow loves raccoons so it made total sense for longtime partner Apple Park to throw in their entire eco-friendly Raccoon collection, including a raccoon backpack, raccoon lunchpack, raccoon snackpack, raccoon plush animal and raccoon blankie.


Too many racoons??? NEVER!!! All backpacks are made from 100% recycled water bottles with their big kid backpack clocking in at 27 bottles saved from ending up in a landfill!

8. Pampers Easy Ups


As the sponsor of the new season of the Mommy Shorts Show (watch it on my YouTube channel), Pampers was kind enough to contribute a three month supply of Pampers Easy Ups for this month’s swag bag. Their new Easy Ups are super soft with a 360 degree elastic waistband to give your toddler that “closer to underwear” feeling. But don’t worry— they still provide the leak protection you’d expect from Pampers.

9. 6 Boxes of Honest Kids Juice Pouches


Honest Tea supported my book by sponsoring my Satellite Media Tour last Wednesday and today, they are including six boxes of Honest Kids’ juice pouches in Super Fruit Punch, Goodness Grapeness, and Twisted Tropical Tango (two boxes for each flavor), all certified organic and sweetened with real fruit. There are eight pouches in each box.

10. OLLY Vitamins and Smoothie Blends


OLLY is also a longtime sponsor, ever since I started eating their yummy gummy vitamins for dessert. Restful Sleep, Undeniable Beauty, Goodbye Stress, and Vibrant Skin are just some of my favorite deliciously nutritious Wellness Boosts  for adults. They’ll be coming in this month’s swag bag along with their new Velvet Vanilla smoothie powder.

11. Chex Mix Gift Set


The Chex gift set includes two shirts, a lunch box, a water bottle, a serving bowl, an awesome tote bag and all the ingredients/supplies you need to make Sriracha Chex Mix. Did you know seven Chex flavors now have no artificial preservatives? This in addition to being free of artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources.

12. The Mommy Shorts Tote


As I mentioned before, these bags are no joke. Denim on top and waterproof yellow on the bottom. I actually ordered much cheaper bags but they got messed up in production so I got this huge upgrade for free! I’ve been using mine every day since I got it. YOU WILL TOO!

13. My Book!


Not only will I throw in a signed copy of “The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting,” I will have Mazzy and Harlow sign it as well!

One winner will be picked randomly from the #mommyshortsbook hashtag on Instagram and Facebook to win the entire swag bag. 

Three secondary winners will be picked randomly who will win the actual gift bag that was given out at the party, which includes the tote, a signed copy of my book….


…and all of the items below.


Inside you will find, a LittleMissMatched Pack of 3 Socks, Plum Organics Mighty Dinos and Blueberry Blitz Mashups, Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch, OLLY Goodbye Stress, a Seedling velvet painting kit, Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin lotion, Apple Park Kids Poncho the Pony rattle, and a pair of black Babiators!

So take your pictures and post them. This contest will go on all month long with the winners picked randomly on November 1st.

If you haven’t bought your book yet, you can do so here. And if you like the book, make sure to leave a review on Amazon!