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Photo Contest: $750 Target Gift Card + Olly Nutrition

I’ve been collecting Super Kid photos for over a month now and I’m ready to introduce you to the Littlest League of Superheroes. These kids might be small but do not let them fool you. They are a powerful bunch.

Together, they can take keep parents awake all night, bend the rules of dinnertime and convince you to turn on a show even at times when you were dead set against it. They can scale a countertop, climb a crib and scream so forcefully, you might reconsider that third application of sunscreen.

Here are my favorite Super Kid entries so far. They are competing for a $750 Target gift card and the complete collection of OLLY’s new wellness boosts for kids. For details on how you can enter, see the bottom of this post.

Which Super Kid would you be most afraid to contend with?

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olly superkids b16


olly superkids


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It’s not too late to enter!

Post your “Super Kid” pics on the Mommy Shorts facebook page or with the hashtag #superkidalterego on Instagram. If you post on Instagram, make sure to follow and tag both @mommyshorts and @ollynutrition. Please include a suggested superhero name and super power although I might rewrite them for you.

I’ll post my top ten favorites on September 19th and then together we’ll vote for the most super Super Kid of all!


Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.03.10 PM

The OLLY kids’ line is a complete collection of super yummy gummies, specially formulated with nutritional actives like probiotics, omegas and phytonutrients to make sure your little superhero is best prepared to conquer the world.

It’s been a few months since Mazzy and Harlow started taking their OLLY wellness boosts and the biggest problem I have is that Harlow keeps faking a tummy ache because she thinks that will get her an extra Happy Tummy vitamin. It comes in “Just Peachy” flavor and I agree, it’s pretty delicious.

To be honest, their other problem is that their mom keeps sneaking some for herself after they go to bed. Growing Bones in Wild Watermelon is pretty delicious too! And Super Brainy in Blue Raspberry tastes way better than your typical dose of Omega 3 DHA.

It can’t hurt for a big person to take a couple, right?

Keep those submissions coming and look out for the ten finalists on September 19th! If you already have a favorite, let me know in the comments below.


First bottle of any OLLY vitamin is free when you order from OLLY.com. Use code MSFREE at checkout. Good through December 31st, 2016.