Need a holiday dessert idea that requires no time, skills or talent whatsoever? These all use store bought items, because THAT'S HOW I ROLL. Even if you don't bake, you can still score creativity points!

I’ve talked a lot about doing more video and today I just launched a new series called “3 Ways”. No, not that kind of three-ways— GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!

They are little tabletop shoots which show really easy creative ways to make themed snacks, crafts, etc. found on Pinterest that don’t require a lot of time, skill or talent.

For instance, these three reindeer themed desserts require no baking whatsoever. All elements are store bought, because that’s how I roll.

What you’ll need:

Reindeer #1 (which also looks like a bear): Cupcakes with chocolate frosting, mini pretzels, Mini Nilla Wafers, M&M’s, white decorating gel and candy eyeballs

Reindeer #2: Nutter Butters, M&M’s, candy eyeballs, mini pretzels and white decorating gel

Reindeer #3: Entenman’s chocolate covered doughnuts, Peanut M&M’s, candy eyeballs, regular sized pretzel pieces and white decorating gel

Wanna see all three get made in 15 seconds? How cute is this?!

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