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“It’s not March Madness but it is this bracket that is the talk of the internet…” said Matt Lauer on this morning’s Today Show. God, I love how the media spins things.

Also, I knew about the article on but I had no idea The Chubby Cheek-Off made the actual show until my friend texted me this morning:”Matt Lauer just said Mommy Shorts!” Which by the way, is a huge step up from when Al Roker called me “Mommy Pants”  a few years ago. Remember that?

Is it coincidence that yesterday on Facebook I mentioned that Matt Lauer needed to have a sit down with Elliott, the winner the Chubby Cheek-Off? The power of suggestion maybe???

Just in case, I have a few more suggestions I’d like to put out into the universe:

Joshua Jackson, find me! My husband says I get one free pass.

Grammy! Stop with the gifts! The girls love you anyway!

It would be awesome if a cupcake magically appeared on my desk around noon.