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Anyone out there with a preschooler or kindergartener knows both the delight and pain I experience every time Mazzy says, “Mom, I’ve got a joke for you…” It’s adorable she’s excited to make me laugh! But then she launches into a 5 minute joke with no discernible plot and I can feel my eyes glazing over and my mind wandering while she wrestles with the punchline.

Which almost always involves poop.

Or the toilet.

Recently, Mazzy and Harlow added “the sink” and “the bathtub” into their repertoire of “dirty words” because they now think anything that lives in bathroom is HILARIOUS.

This happens at your house too, right?

The ladies over at The Break Womb made this spot-on video of what it would sound like if moms told jokes like their kids. They nailed it.

Except this joke still makes more sense than the last one I heard from my 5 year-old.