Giveaway: Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX car seat

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Well, it’s been fun, summer house. Yesterday, we packed up our sandals and our sunscreen and our carnival fish and drove back to our apartment in Manhattan.

Mike at the wheel and me in the passenger seat once again. I was just getting used to being the driver!

Camp drop-offs, playdate pick-ups, grocery store visits, all added up to a lot of time shuttling my kids around town. For most people, I’m sure this is no big thing. For a Manhattanite who hasn’t driven a car regularly since I was a senior in high school, it was quite a novelty.

I’m gonna miss driving.

I’ll miss the conversations I would have with Mazzy to and from camp. I’ll miss our spontaneous trips to Target, stopping for soft serve on the way. I’ll miss the late nights driving home, the two of them passed out peacefully in their car seats, way past bedtime.

On particularly late nights, I would often drive around for a few extra minutes to make sure both girls were sound asleep so I could transfer them hassle-free into bed when we got home. So much easier that way. And if their teeth rot from lack of brushing, they’ll get a new set soon, right? Fortunately, Mazzy never called me out for passing the turn to our house. Although, one time she did notice we passed the diner twice.

MAZZY: Hey! Why are we passing the diner again, Mom???

ME: That’s a different diner.

Total lie.

Harlow always fell asleep easily since she’s been riding in the lap of luxury, aka her new Symphony DLX car seat, part of Evenflo’s ProComfort Series. Its innovative gel matrix technology reduces pressure point build-up which alleviates discomfort (short term and long term). The added comfort creates a safer, more peaceful ride, since so many accidents occur due to a parent/driver tending to an uncomfortable child in the backseat.

The Symphony also makes your baby look like she is riding in first class.

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The ride home was without incident which is lovely for the drive but boring for blog fodder. I blame Evenflo.

Especially since riding shot gun on a family road trip has the potential to be one of the most eventful jobs imaginable. Over the past four and a half years, I can’t tell you how many times I have unbuckled my seatbelt, slipped off my shoes and climbed into the backseat to tend to my children. Risking life and limb to get them a snack, locate a dropped pacifier or search the packed bags in the back for a forgotten blankie.

Every time, I imagine the police report if there is an accident…

“Father and children unharmed. Mother’s back lodged into the roof of the car with her shoes sticking out of her ears, a bag of goldfish crackers dangling from her mouth and a severed left arm just inches away from a dropped miniature Frozen figurine on the floor of the backseat.”

Is it just me or is the “ding ding ding” of an unbuckled seatbelt one of the most annoying sounds on earth? As if, in addition to the agony of listening to your crying child, you need to be reminded your life is now at stake!

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I won’t pretend Mazzy and Harlow didn’t request anything on our drive back to NYC. They still asked for snacks and Harlow dropped her pacifier once, but nothing required me to move to the back. They seemed pretty content in their car seats (they even have cupholders!), plus they had each other for entertainment.

Mazzy tried to make Harlow laugh and Harlow made weird sounds to get Mazzy to copy her while Mike and I exchanged “don’t jinx this!” side glances since they seemed to be doing all the work for us. We listened to music, we played “I Spy” and I dreamed of future road trips when games like Geography and Ghost become viable options. Then they both passed out.

(We’ve always had a “no screen time in the car” policy so our kids would use that time to relax and take a nap. Mazzy and Harlow don’t even know watching an iPad in the car is an option.)

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It helped that Mazzy was riding in a new seat too, since Evenflo was kind enough to send us their ProComfort Amp LX High Back booster“I GET TO WEAR THE REGULAR SEATBELT, MOM!!!!!” You would have thought she was sixteen and we handed her the keys to a brand new car.

God help us, I hope that day takes its time getting here. Her first day of kindergarten is tomorrow!

Thankfully, I am taking her to school on a public bus. I think accident rates are probably pretty high for moms who can’t stop crying too.

As for Harlow, she’s trading grass for concrete but I bet she’ll be happy as long as she’s got somewhere to run and lots of interesting things to look at. Our view of the creek behind the summer house is pretty awesome, but so is our view of the city.




Today, I’m excited to give away one last Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX All-In-One Car Seat ($249.99)!

All you have to do is…

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What is your favorite car game?

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That’s it! You can find the official rules here.

Winner will be selected randomly and announced on September 5th.

WINNER UPDATE: This week’s winner is Michelle Canga who’s three-year-old loves to play “find the water towers”. Congratulations! He will now be looking for water towers from the comfort of his Evenflo Symphony DLX!

Last week’s winner was Julie Hill and the week before was Sabrina, who talked about her 16 hour nightmare of a road trip with her 13-year-old and 10-month-old.

That’s the last of my Evenflo car seat giveaways. Please contact to claim your prizes!


This post was sponsored by Evenflo but all thoughts and opinions are my own.