Thanks to the magic of social media and smart phones, people now document each and every moment of their regular, everyday lives with selfies. One dad-to-be decided to capture a not so regular event too: his wife giving birth.

The Dad below snapped a selfie during the moment his wife appears to be ACTIVELY PUSHING OUT THEIR BABY.

Dude. Put the phone down.

Also, I sincerely hope this was a one off selfie grab and he wasn’t taking numerous shots until he got the perfect one. I SEE YOU PEOPLE!!!

In either case, he will be officially added to my existing list of “Crap Husbands Pull While Their Wives are in Labor“— a list inspired by my husband Mike, who waited for the bodega across the street to brew a fresh pot of coffee while I was having contractions with our doorman at 2am in our lobby. (If you haven’t read the comment section underneath that post, grab some popcorn and go read all the stories. TRUST ME.)

What terrible/annoying/hilarious thing did your spouse or partner try to pull while you were in labor? You know there was at least one thing you still hold over his head.

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