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A few weeks ago, a show called Sunrise, which I’m told is like the Australian version of The Today Show, contacted me to do a story on @AverageParentProblems. I said “sure” and the next thing I knew, I was sitting by myself in a tiny booth giving a satellite interview.

Have you ever watched a satellite interview and thought the person being interviewed sounded dumb or like they must have been on drugs or something? Please understand— answering questions through an earpiece is hard! You are totally alone, staring into a camera with two screens underneath— one with the people you are talking to and the other of yourself talking, both of which are on a delay from whatever is happening in your ear. It is very disconcerting. I tried my best!

The reason I really loved the segment (and the main reason I am sharing it with you today) happened before the interview even started. When they introduced me, they played a whole montage of my videos, including random footage of me, my kids, and the Mommy Show.

I had no idea it was coming (I thought we were just there to discuss @averageparentproblems) and suddenly it felt like I was on “This is Your Life” or something.

It was truly an awesome surprise. Check it out.

Also, the ticker of horrors (suspicious fires, Russian missiles, demons, etc.) playing at the bottom of the screen is so awful it’s kind of hilarious. You know, if you have a dark sense of humor like me.

If you are not already following me on YouTube, you can do so here. If I get enough new subscribers, maybe I’ll figure out a way to bring back The Mommy Show.

I think Harlow needs to challenge some celebs to a dance-off.